Why Canada

Canada has always held a special place in the hearts of Indians. As one of the most favored immigration destinations for Indians, Canada has repaid India’s love by giving utmost respect to the Indians and giving them a special place in their society. In fact, Canada has also appointed a number of people of Indian origin to very high posts including the Cabinet ministers.

If you are still searching for reasons to immigrate to Canada, let us present a few for you right here –

  • Boasting of one of the most well formulated and positive policies when it comes to immigration, the Canadian government accepts as many as 200,000 immigrants each year from different parts of the world.
  • Canada is globally renowned as one of the best places to live in the world, financially and socially.
  • Canada offers free of cost education along with provisions for free of cost medicals, which ensures that the cost of living is very low
  • The country presents a host of opportunities in the sectors related to Information Technology, thus opening doors for the qualified Software professionals from India
  • Once you manage to obtain the permanent residency of Canada, you would only need to wait for three years to apply for the Canadian citizenship, thus removing the long wait
  • The Canadian government also offers the provision of dual citizenship (although India doesn’t allow the provision of dual citizenship to its citizens)
  • The Government of Canada offers a number of welfare benefits to its citizens and immigrants which include old age insurance, unemployment benefits, free education and free of cost medical facilities
  • It is extremely easy to start your own business in Canada. The government has minimal interference in private business enterprises in Canada
  • Since Canada has signed the NAFTA agreement, you would get easy access to Mexico and the US which would be a major boost to your career or business, whatever the case may be

Unemployment insurance

If a person has worked in Canada for at least 6 months before being laid off from the job, he or she would be entitled to 60% of his or her last drawn wages as part of the unemployment insurance given the central government.

Old age pension

All the residents of Canada are eligible for old age pension in the country. If you have stayed in the country for about 40 years, you would be entitled to receive the maximum pension on offer. For a lesser time period, your pension would be decided as a part of the duration of your stay in Canada.

Free education

Canada gives optimum importance to education. Education in the Canadian public schools is absolutely free with class 12th. This scheme covers all the residents in the country, which further brings down the cost of living in the country.

Health care

Having one of the most robust healthcare setups in the world, Canada is just the place where you wish to spend your life. If you are registered as a part of the National Health Insurance Program, you would be provided free of cost treatment in the hospitals.

How to get through the Canada Express Entry

Ever since the Canadian express entry scheme became operational at the beginning of 2015, the immigration process to Canada has become highly organized. But with so many people applying in the scheme, it isn’t easy to get your name on the final list. But here are some points that can help you get your name to the list of accepted candidates.

1. Unless you give a language test, your chances would remain bleak

If you haven’t given the IELTS or the CELPIP, you are hurting of chances of making it to the final list. Before you appear for your first screening, you must have your language test scores handy. If not, you are not doing yourself any favors! Also, if you are thinking of writing the CELPIP exam, make sure that yours is the CELPIP – General 2014 since that is the most favored version by the express entry system.

2. LMIAs are the key to getting into Canada

In the past few years, it has been found that if you have a confirmed employment offer from the LMIA, your chances of getting a permanent residence status in Canada become extremely high. But even if you have such an offer, make sure that you apply under the Express Entry scheme.

3. Don’t blindly trust the Express Entry Wizard all the time

The express entry wizard or the portal has been found to be error prone in certain cases. A number of times, it showed the profile status as complete when it wasn’t so. Even if your profile shows complete, make sure you check all your entries multiple times and ask for help from the experts to make sure that your profile is complete in all sense. Any slip up at this stage can lead to a disappointing goof up later on.

4. Doing it all alone can lead to errors

Having an experienced person to proof read all the entries of your profile can be blissful. With so many entries and drop down menus on the express entry system, it is easy to neglect a few parts and think that your profile is complete. But a different and experienced set of eyes can resolve this problem and make sure that your profile is filled optimally.

Unlike the earlier processes where the authorities pointed out the errors in the profile and gave you time to correct and re-submit it, such provisions do not exist in the case of express entry. Even one single error can ruin your entire effort in the present express entry system. With so many candidates applying for limited number of entries, the last thing you would want is a few errors from your end that would give an upper hand to the other candidates and diminish your chances of being on the list.

The experts in our team can come to your rescue in these situations and ensure that all the details in your profile are well entered and there is absolutely no scope of any error.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program

The CIC (Canada Immigration and Citizenship) has come up with the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) with an aim of fulfilling the required numbers of labor force in the different provinces in the country. The idea behind the program is that getting more skilled people in different provinces in the country would boost their individual economy and in turn help the entire country.

If you are looking to get permanent residency of Canada, the PNP program could be of your interest. Under the PNP scheme, different kinds of immigration, including employment based and investment based immigrations are permitted by the Canadian government.

Specific quota for the provinces

Apart from the province of Quebec, all the other Canadian provinces have a specific annual quota for migrating skilled workers through the PNP program. You can choose the province of your choice based on the market of that province, your skills and the kind of opportunities that the province offers to the immigrants. All this information would be provided to you by our experienced team members which would help you in making an informed decision.

There is no provision for changing your nomination at a later date which makes its extremely critical that you make the correct choice at the very first instance. Once the nomination is successfully filed, you would need to take care of the other formalities including the security and background checks, securing all the required documents, getting all the required medical documents and others.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program for Businessmen

This province run scheme is handled in coordination with the CIC and the Canadian federal government. The SINP is one of the fastest ways to enter Canada legally. If you qualify on the basis of the eligibility criteria set by the province, the province could nominate you for the permanent residency, thus easing your path of entry into Canada.

One of the most important steps of securing permanent residency through the SINP is proving your financial profile to the authorities. Based on the different evaluation criteria set by the concerned authorities, your financial robustness would be checked at different levels.

If all goes well at this stage, you would be invited for an interview which would help them evaluate your profile better and make the final decision. Your performance during the interview plays a great role in determining the success of your application. This is why our experts make sure that you are well trained for the interview and understand the kind of questions that would be asked in the stage.

Once you get an approval here, you would be required to make a deposit of CAD 75,000 and make a business deal while considering all the possible situations.

Likewise, there are different procedures and rules for PNPs of different Canadian provinces. It is imperative to understand the entire process and check your eligibility before choosing the province. Our team of experts would guide you in collecting all this information and lots more to ensure you are on the correct path.

Permanent Residency in Canada

In the last couple of decades or so, the process of immigration has become extremely common in countries around the world. People, globally, are searching for immigration destinations that can give them a high standard of living, social security and other related benefits. While a number of people look towards the European countries as the preferred destination for immigrations, Indians have developed a special bond with Canada over the years resulting in high number of immigrations to Canada year after year. If you are also looking for a similar opportunity, this piece of information can be helpful for you.

How would you define a Permanent Resident of Canada?

In simple terms, a permanent resident of a country is a person who, despite being a non citizen, can reside, work, invest or set up a business in the country without any kind of discrimination. Also, as a permanent resident of Canada, you are eligible for any kind of employment in the country without the need of a special work permit. All that the PR has to do in order to set up his or her business in Canada is to fulfill the regulatory norms of investment and other related aspects, and he or she would be good to do to launch his or her business.

Though the permanent residents are still the citizens of their home nations, they enjoy a number of privileges and rights in Canada. A PR has almost all the rights of a Canadian citizen apart from the right to vote in the elections and the right to hold the Canadian passport. However, in order to maintain your status of permanent resident in Canada you need to fulfill certain requirements. For instance, you should reside in the country for at least a period of two years in every five years, or else you will lose your PR. A number of new rules are also being formed in the country. Once they come into force, you would be required to reside in the country for at least a period of four years in every six years in order to hold on to the status of your PR.

As a PR, you would be given a PR Card by the Canadian authorities that would serve as the proof of your unique status in the country. This card would act as a permit for you to leave the country and gain an entry into the country. Notably, a person who enters Canada for a short term basis for purposes such as study, an overseas worker or others, is not a permanent citizen of Canada.

Difference between Canadian citizens and PR

Despite the similar rights and privileges that both the classes of residents enjoy, there are also a number of differences between citizens and PR of Canada. The PRs do not possess the following rights as compared to the citizens –

  • The right to vote
  • The right to contest the elections for any office
  • They can’t possess the passport of Canada
  • They could be deported from the country for grave offences

Bussiness Visa Canada

Definition of a business visitor to Canada –

  • 1. If you wish to visit Canada to expand or grow your already existing business
  • 2. If you wish to visit Canada to find and understand investment opportunities
  • 3. If you wish to visit Canada to take further your already existing business relationships
  • 4. If you qualify as a business visitor to Canada, you would need to get either a visa for Canada or an eTA. In order to obtain the eTA, here is what you need to do –
  • 5. Rather than waiting for the last moment to get your eTA, you must get it as soon as you plan your trip to the country
  • 6. Carry the passport with which your eTA is attached (this point is only valid for multiple visa holders)
  • 7. To obtain a visitor visa from the Canadian authorities, here are the documents that you need to send –
  • 8. An invitation letter from your potential or existing business partner in Canada
  • 9. Contact details for that person that should be available 24 hours.
  • 10.Apart from these, here is what you need do show as a business visitor to Canada –

  • You need to show that your stay in Canada won’t exceed a period of six months
  • You need to prove that you don’t have any plans to explore the local labor market of Canada
  • You must also highlight what are the major sources of your income outside Canada
  • All the documents that support your visa application
  • You must also prove that you meet all the other basic requirements including enough financial resources to sustain your stay and travel expenses to and fro, you have no criminal record and you hold no health or security risk to the citizens of Canada and that you have all the required valid travel documents

The following activities are covered under the definition of cross border business –

  • If you plan to buy any goods or services from Canada for use by a foreign government or business
  • If you take orders for Canadian goods and services
  • If you are attending different conventions, conferences, trade fairs and other business oriented meetings
  • If you provide after sales service as a manager
  • If you are currently being trained by a parent company which is based in Canada to work from outside Canada once your training in the country is complete
  • If you are training the employees working in Canada situated branch of an outside company
  • If you are undergoing any training by the Canada based company that has, in the past, sold some service or equipment to your company

Our role

Right from going through your entire profile to helping you with the application form and the visa interview, our team would help you at every single step of the entire process. The years of experience held by our team can guide you through all the tricky stages of such a precarious and tedious visa process.

Start up visa Canada

Start ups have become the flavor of the decade. A number of start-ups that were launched in the past couple of decades have established themselves as some of the biggest companies in the entire world. Countries around the world are making big efforts to ensure a business friendly atmosphere and are inviting talented minds to launch start ups and boost their dwindling economy and Canada is no different. In 2013, the Canadian government launched the start up visa scheme which was aimed at luring young entrepreneurs into coming to Canada and setting up their firm here. Three years down the line, the scheme still remains relatively unexplored by the people who wish to migrate to Canada.

This scheme is aimed at establishing Canada as one of the most business and immigration friendly countries in the world. Giving a chance to the aspiring leaders of tomorrow to open their business enterprise in the country, the Canadian government has made all the efforts to popularize this scheme to all corners of the globe.

The start visa holders of different countries would be connected with successful private business owners in Canada with a successful track record that may help the budding entrepreneurs with the required resources and services in the country. The scheme aims to provide faster and much more organized visa approval to the aspiring immigrants to Canada.

To ensure that you are eligible under the start up visa scheme, you need to keep the following points in mind –

  • You need to prove to the Canadian authorities that your business enterprise is completely supported by some designated organization in Canada. You would need to obtain the letter of support from the organization before you apply for the start up visa. Else, your application would be declined by the authorities.
  • You would need to prove that your business or enterprise fulfills all the ownership requirements. A maximum of 5 people are eligible to apply for this visa under a single enterprise. All the applicants must individually hold a minimum of 10% voting rights in the enterprise in order to be eligible for this visa. And all the applicants must own over 50% of the complete voting rights of the enterprise.
  • You must also fulfill all the language requirements since knowledge of English and French is imperative for your success in the country. In order to prove your proficiency, you would need to take a language test from any agency which is accredited by the CIC. A minimum of CLB 5 has to be achieved in either French or English in order to be eligible for this visa scheme
  • You must have enough funds for settlements. You need to prove that you possess enough funds for you and all your dependents that would be coming to Canada with you. The total amount that you need to posses depends on the family size. For example, you must have $12,164 for one member, $15,143 for two members and $32,191 for seven or more family members.