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Why Australia

They say Australia is the new US. A robust economy, an extremely high standard of living, beautiful countryside and great social security add to its reputation of being of the best nations in the world. With so much at offer, it is natural that Australia has established itself as one of the most favored nations among the people who are looking to migrate in search for better work opportunities and a higher standard of living. Though there are endless reasons to choose Australia as the best country for immigration, let us try to point them out a few for you here.

1. Great standard of living

One of the biggest reasons why anyone decides to migrate to a new country is in search of a higher standard of living. And Australia scores extremely highly in this aspect. Lots of fresh air, serene beaches, low pollution levels and some breathtaking landscapes make Australia a heavenly place to reside. With a coastline measuring more than 36,000 kilometers, Australia also offers a number of exciting water sports, fishing and beach life. And if you are a nature lover, you can also visit any of the more than 500 national parks that the Australian government maintains with utmost care.

2. To give a boost to your career

Australia is one of the few major economies in the world that have remained unaffected by the huge recession that shocked the world a few years ago. Being close to Asia, Australian businesses have many opportunities to capture the large customer base of Asia and they aren’t letting it go. An extremely low unemployment rate and high acceptance of foreign skilled workers in the country make Australia an ideal destination for those looking to take a plunge in their career.

3. Quality Education

When it comes to the quality of higher education, Australia has all the bases covered. Lakhs of international students coming in to Australia speaks volumes about the standard of higher education in the country. At any point of time, close to 20% of the higher education students in the country are foreigners. At present, close to 400,000 International students are studying in various higher education institutes in the country.

4. Diversity and multiculturalism

One of the most diverse countries in the world, Australia is fast emerging as the melting pot of different cultures and societies. The migrants don’t find it hard to get a place to stay and merge in the local society. In fact, the country also celebrates Harmony Day on March 21, pledging to respect all the cultures from around the world. An extremely low crime rate also makes the county an ideal choice for all the immigrants and their countries.

Some of the other major reasons behind people’s preference for Australia as an immigration destination include Australia’s love for sports, a great climate and local hospitality. The locals are extremely warm and welcoming and make sure that you feel at home in no time. Australia truly is the land where dreams come true.

How to migrate to Australia

They call Australia the new US. And this isn’t without its reasons. An impressive pace of development and a high standard of living has made Australia a favorite destination among the people looking to migrate in search of better opportunities. If you are also looking for such an opportunity, let us tell you how to ensure an easy migration to Australia.

First the good news – The Government of Australia offers a number of permits which make it easy for the immigration aspirants to ease their way into the country. These include several permanent, provisional and temporary permits based on the requirements of the aspirants and the prevailing laws. All these permits and the processes associated with them are currently run by Skill Select which is an online portal handling the entire immigration process and the formalities. This online is the one stop platform used by the Australian government to overlook the kind of skills the migrants bring with themselves when they come to Australia.

Australia boasts of one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated immigration portals in the world and has ensured a single window clearance for most kinds of migration permits, thus making like easier for all those looking to come into the country. Before you make your profile on the Skill Select, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

  • Get a good understanding of the CSOL or SOL – This would help you in understanding exactly which line of work in Australia is closest to your current trade, thus increasing your overall chances of making it to Australia.
  • Assess your credentials – Once you have chosen the line of work which suits you best, the next step is to get all your professional and academic credentials evaluated and certified by a certified agency that can give you a fair idea about the strength of your profile and your chances of making it to the final list of accepted aspirants.
  • Make sure you get a hold of the language – It is imperative that you bring yourself in line with the prevailing Australian linguistic standards by appearing in an English language test such as IELTS.

Even if you make a single EOI, can you opt for multiple plans and all of them would be visible to the parties of your choice. The EOI can be edited anytime as per your need and stands valid for a period of a couple of years. Also, while filling in your information, make sure that all the information is true and authentic. If any of the details provided by you are found to be fraud in the coming times, it might have dire consequences including you getting banned from the country for a lifetime.

If you choose the point scheme, you would be allotted points based on your profile and other credentials and a rank would be given to you. Based on that rank, the invites would be sent to the interested immigrants.

Permanent Residency in Australia

An Australian non-citizen who holds a permanent visa of Australia is termed as a Permanent Resident of the country. All the permanent residents of Australia are allowed to study, work and live in the country without any regulations. Although the PRs enjoy a number of rights which are available to the Australian citizens, there are certain points of differentiation between the two. Some of them are as follows –

  • While the citizens of Australia can go out and come back into the country at any point of time, the PRs have certain restrictions on their movements. If any PR wishes to go out of Australia, he or she must have a permanent visa along with a valid travel authorization. This is needed if they need to come back to Australia as a PR
  • While the citizens participate in the country’s government elections, the permanent residents do not have any such voting rights in the country.

Once you complete a certain time period in Australia as a PR, as bound by law, you can easily apply for the Australian citizenship. A permanent visa holder, even if he or she doesn’t apply for the Australian citizenship, is eligible to stay in the country indefinitely. There is also a provision for the revoking of the PR status. It can be done on the discretion for the concerned minister in certain scenarios, such as a criminal misconduct. Among the various rights that the PRs enjoy in Australia are health services and free or subsidized legal services.

Here are certain benefits which are given to all the permanent residents of Australia –

  • There are almost negligible restrictions on them in the areas of their employment. Only a certain section of jobs including high level government jobs require you to be Australian citizens
  • They can also act as sponsors for the permanent residency of their relatives, provided that their relatives fulfill the criteria needed for the permanent residency of the country
  • All their children taking birth in the country will be Australian citizens by birth
  • Once they complete a 2 year waiting period, the permanent residents would be eligible for all the social security and medical benefits provided to the citizens by the Federal government
  • The Australian permanent residents also hold the right to apply for the Australian consular assistance services
  • The Permanent Residents of Australia are free to travel to the neighboring country of New Zealand without having to apply for any separate visa for their travel
  • As a permanent citizen of Australia, you would also be allowed to live, work or study in New Zealand

One of the biggest benefits is that even after the expiry of the initial visa, you are eligible to stay in Australia for an indefinite duration without breaking immigration laws or rules.

Australia Skill Select

The Skill Select online portal is the only legal way for a skilled person to enter Australia. With so such significance attached to it, it is natural for the migration aspirants to be nervous about the entire system and look for more information about it. To make sure you have all the information needed, let us try to explain everything about Skill Select that you need to know.
If you are looking for a sponsorship permit to migrate to Australia, it is imperative that you present your profile in the best possible manner for all the interested sponsors. The way you make your profile can be the difference between acceptance and rejection. If an Australian employer is intrigued by your profile and is impressed by your skill set, he or she may just end up sponsoring your permit and you would make it to Australia in no time. Once you get an invitation, you should respond as quickly as possible. The validity of an invitation is only for 60 days. Post the approval, you must submit the petition to DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection). Once you submit the EOI, a time period of 2 years is gives for the selection of profile, failing which, the petition is discarded and is treated as void. Also, the submission of the profile is possible even if you have no points to show for IELTS, provided that you have secured a minimum of 60 points.
While applying for the EOI, you are also free to apply for the state sponsorship. If your state sponsorship falls into place, the EOI will get updated automatically. Also, for the 2 years that your EOI remains valid, you can make any changes in it, including the subcategory of your visa. Also, if you gain a new skill or certificate during the two years that EOI is valid, you must update this on your profile since it would increase your chances of getting an invite.

Language / IELTS issue

It is imperative that your IELTS score is valid at the time you receive the invite. To avoid any mismatch, it is strongly advised that you must fill in you EOI as soon as you land up with a good IELTS score in your hand. Since both; the EOI and the scores obtained in IELTS hold good for a period of two years, it would be a perfect scenario for you if you make your profile soon after you get the IELTS scores.

Selection system

People often wonder about the exact manner of the profile selection. It is strictly points based ranking which keeps on fluctuating as the profiles are updated time to time. Also, since some employers are looking for a specific skill set, they may ignore the points and sponsor the candidate of their choice anyway. But even if you have a great skill set, you must garner at least 60-65 points in order to be eligible for the invite.

Other Australia Visas

With immigration to Australia gaining immense popularity, people are constantly searching for legal ways to move to the country and change their life for the better. The Government of Australia, on its part, has made provisions for a number of different visa kinds for the interested applicants. Here is a look at those types –

1. The permanent entry visa

Under this visa regime, the Australian government intakes people for permanent settlement under 2 different categories, viz. the humanitarian program and the migration program. Under the migrant program, the authorities select the people based on a number of factors including their proficiency in the English language, their overall health, their skills, their financial condition, the age, contacts in Australia. Factors such as culture, gender and the race of the person are not taken into consideration while selecting people for the migration entry into Australia.

These migrants fall under a couple of categories, viz. skilled migrants and business migrants. The skilled migrant scheme considers applicants under 5 categories, viz. independent skilled migrants, Australian linked skilled migrants, distinguished talent, employer nominated migrant in Australia and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. On the other hand, the business migrants are divided in different categories such as investment, business owner and business talent.

2. Work Visa

There are only a handful of conditions under which this visa is issued by the authorities. There are 2 broad categories –

a. Working Holiday Maker visa – If you are on a recreational trip to Australia and wish to take up some temporary work so that you can support your holidays’ expenses, this kind of visa is suited for you. But this visa is only issued to the citizens of a few countries, namely, Malta, South Korea, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom. For this visa, the applicant must be aged between 18 and 26 years.

b. Temporary resident visa with work rights – If you are looking to work in Australia for a maximum of 4 years, this visa would give you the opportunity. But this kind of visa is only applicable in the case of employer sponsorship.

3. Temporary entry Visa

The Australian authorities also issue a temporary entry visa to the people who wish to visit the country for a specific purpose and their visit is expected to be beneficial to the country in some way or the other. This kind of visa is usually issued to the people related to the field of international relations, social issues and skilled employment.

4. Visitor Visa

For any person (other than the citizen of New Zealand) willing to visit Australia, this visa is required. On this visa, the maximum duration of a single stay is 3 months. On this visa, you can enter Australia for 1 year counting from the date of the issue. Notably, you can’t work in Australia on the basis of this visa. A long term visitor visa is also offered to the interested applications and gives you a six month stay for a single visit.

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