The question why to immigrate to the US is actually a no brainer. The world’s leader in a number of aspects, moving to the US is one of the things that everyone dreams about. Apart from being an extremely migrant friendly society, the US offers a plethora of chances to make it big in all fields. If you have big ambitions in life, the US is certainly the place to be. If you still need to be convinced about moving to the US, here are some pointers for you

  • The US is one of the most multicultural societies in the world. It is here that people from all the backgrounds, nationalities, ideas and origin feel at home. They say that the US never lets you feel away from home. Ever.
  • The only language you need to know is English. One of the biggest roadblocks while migrating to a new country is the mother tongue of the new land. This isn’t the case with the US since English would serve your purpose entirely.
  • The US boasts of one of the best (if not the best) economies in the world. Along with the UK, the US possesses one of the most holistic and robust immigration policies in the world. Comparatively, it is much harder to immigrate to nations such as China, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy and Brazil. That’s why they call the US ‘the land of endless promises’.
  • When it comes to the top most educational institutes in the world, there is hardly any competition for the US. Boasting of some of the best and the oldest Universities in the world, the US attracts students of all disciplines from all around the world year after year. Apart from the amazing education environment, the country also presents a chance for the students to learn different cultures and grow exponentially. One of the other aspects of American education that usually remains hidden is the top notch elementary education. While the higher education universities gather all the limelight, the schools in the country are no less impressive. Providing such an elementary education to your children would set them on the right path from the very beginning of their life.
  • Let us tell you a secret which is often neglected. The taxation rates in the US are much lesser than some of the other developed countries, including the UK. This means that the US gives you many more chances of saving your money and enjoying a higher standard of living.
  • The US takes its policy of secularism extremely seriously. One of the most progressive societies of the world, the US boasts of a number of religious places of different religions including the Hindu temple, the Muslim mosques and the Sikh Gurudwara. Since these places are visited in large numbers by the locals, they also present a great chance to mingle up and form connections.

If these reasons couldn’t convince you to come to the US, nothing else will.

B1 Visa

If you are looking to travel to the US temporarily for the expansion of your business or other business needs, you need to get a B-1 VISA. In usual cases, the B-1 visa is offered to those travelers who need to take part in some business, professional, scientific or education conference or convention or consult with the business associates, negotiate a contract or to set up a new estate in the US. In most cases, the B-1 visa is clubbed with the B-2 visa (B-1/B-2 visa) which is meant for recreational, medical and tourism purposes.

Under this category of visa, the traveler isn’t allowed to undertake any gainful employment in the US or operate a business in the US. As a B-1 visa holder, you can’t draw any kind of salary from a US based entity. But can get reimbursements from a US based source for all the reasonable expenses that you might incur while you are in the US.

How long would it remain valid?

The usual tenure of a B-1 visa is 6 months which can be extended by another 6 months under certain situations. Mostly, a single visit under the B-1 visa doesn’t go beyond a period of one year.

Steps involved in the application of B-1 visa

  • If you are between 14 and 79 years of age and have received a US visa in the past that ran out of validity sometime in the last 12 to 48 months, and you wish to travel to the US for the same purpose, you need not come to the consulate for the visa interview.
  • To apply for the B-1 visa, you need to complete the DS-160 form while ensuring that all the information you furnish is accurate and true. You can opt for our help with this form. Obtaining the DS-160 number is necessary in order to successfully book the appointment.
  • Next step is the payment of fee in accordance with the type of visa you have chosen.
  • Now you need to schedule your appointment. It can be done using the same profile and login credentials you used to pay the visa fee.
  • Bring the required documents to your visa interview.
Our Role

Our team holds an experience of a number of years when it comes to the US visa. The first part of our assistance is checking your profile for any errors and enhancing it to maximize your chances of obtaining the B-1 visa in a time bound manner. Our aim is to ensure a timely and mistake free placement of your request with the authorities. Our in house team also offers holistic assistance in the preparation of your business visa applications, DS-160 form and submitting them with the concerned authorities. Additionally, we also provide assistance in setting up visa and interview appointments and prepare our clients for the same to ensure success in the first go itself. Our interview preparation processes are extremely holistic and put the client at ease, while providing a real interview like experience.

B2 Visa

The B-2 visa is better known as the visitor visa to the US. It is needed for visits meant for pleasure, tourism, medical, meeting family, attending family or other events. Some of the other people that can qualify under this kind of visa include entertainers, amateur athletes and students who wish to pursue a short term course. Only the entertainers and athletes who won’t receive any remuneration for their acts would be eligible for such a visa. For the students to be eligible under this condition, the duration of the course they opt for must not be over 18 hours a week.

Tenure of B-2 visa

The tenure for these visas is from one to ten years. One of the biggest advantages attached with the B-2 is that it is a multiple entry visa and does not require you to contact the consulate each time you visit the US. Your period of stay would be fixed at the port of your entry by the immigration authority Border Patrol. In most cases, a single visit can’t exceed 6 months. In certain cases, an extension of 6 months is granted. Your single stay can’t exceed one year in case of a B-2 visa

Please note that the B-2 visa doesn’t have a corresponding dependent visa category and all the dependents who accompany the Visa holder must get their own visa issued from the authorities.

How to apply

The process of application and the steps involved for getting the B-2 remain the same as with the B-1 visa. Our team provides you assistance with scrutinizing the profile, filling up of the application form and interview preparations.

What to keep in mind while applying for the B-2 visa
  • Under no circumstances should you furnish fake documents or false information. If detected, fake documents would result in a permanent ineligibility for the US visa.
  • The authorities always prefer to go through your original documents rather than photocopies. Also, avoid faxing the documents to the consulate and rather bring them in person. The following documents must be kept handy while the visiting the consulate.
  • An updated income proof, current proofs of all the taxes, proof of the ownership of all your property and other assets
  • The detailed itinerary of your travel. You must also be ready with the explanation about your trip and justification for visiting the places you wish to visit
  • A letter of authorization from your employer which must include your designation, your experience in the organization, the purpose of your trip, in case of a business trip
  • Record of any criminal court orders issued involving you. These need to be presented even if your jail term is over or if you were pardoned
  • Pay slips of the last 3 months in case you are a working professional
  • All the education transcripts in case you are a student
  • If you are going to visit a relative, you would need to submit the proof of status of the relative, for example green card, valid visa, etc.

H1B Visa

One of the most sought after visas in the entire world, the US H1B visa is used by the US employers to employ professionals in order to fulfill vacancies at specialist positions. The H1B visa is essentially attached to an employer and if the worker is dismissed from the services of the employer, he or she must leave the US, or find another employer ready to sponsor his or her H1B visa or apply for a change in the status of his visa into other non-immigrant visas.

Features of H1B visa

Some of the expert occupations covered under the H1B visa include chemistry, social sciences, medicine and health, IT, engineering, architecture, mathematics, physical sciences, law, arts, accounting, education and business specialties. To be eligible for this visa, the beneficiary must hold at least a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent in his or her field.

In case the beneficiary quits or loses the job for some reason, he or she has 10 days to leave the US or to apply for the change in his visa status.

There is no minimum mandatory period for which the beneficiary needs to serve his original employer. The H1B visa carries a portability clause using which the beneficiary can apply for a change in job to a different employer who can sponsor the H1B visa.

If you remain in the US on a H1B visa for a period of 6 years, without obtaining the status of a permanent resident, you must leave the country for at least one year before re-applying for another H1B visa.

Families of the H1B visa beneficiaries are allowed to accompany the workers and reside in the US provided that they get H-4 visa. Note : Families include spouses and all the children below the age of 21 years.

Before the submission of the H1B permit, the employer needs to get the Labor Condition Application (LCA- Form ETA 9035).

Validity of the H1B visa

Under usual circumstances, the H1B visa comes with tenure of 3 years. In some cases, it is extended by a period of 3 years. But it isn’t renewed post the 6 year period under normal circumstances. There are a few exceptions though under which the visa can be further extended.

Cap on the number of H1B visa

There is an annual cap on the number of H1B visas that can be issued in a year. At present, the cap is set at 65,000 annual H1B visas. Apart from this, a certain number of visas are reserved for professionals coming from Singapore and Chile. If this quota remains unfulfilled, it is merged with the 65,000 cap for the general H1B visas.

Each year, lakhs of applicants apply for this visa and their selection is done with a lottery system that is automated and highly secure. In most cases, the applications are closed within a week of being opened. The applications usually open on the first weekday of the month of April each year.