USA Study Visa

The US has long been a dream destination for higher education for students from across the world and India is no exception to this trend. Each year, lakhs of students look for higher education opportunities in the US but only a few manage to successfully convert since the lack of information creates a major hurdle in the path of others. We are here to solve this issue for the students once and for all.

Things to keep in mind if you wish to study in the US

1. Apply to an institution that is SEVP approved.

The US government has recognized a number of institutions under SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program). This accreditation ensures that the degree offered by the institution is accepted and is valid at other educational institutes, employers and other places around the world. Only the SEVP approved institutes can provide you the documents needed to apply for study visa in the US. Also, you need to apply to each US University of your choice separately. Upon acceptance by the institute, you would be enrolled in the SEVIS system and given the I-20 form if you fulfill the eligibility criteria for the M or F visa.

2. Pay the fee for SEVIS

3. Complete your application for the student visa

Once you receive the SEVIS form, the next stage is taking an appointment at the consulate or embassy to get the application for the student visa. Your visa can be given to you up to 4 months before your date of entering the US.

4. The Online DS-160 form

In any case, you would be required to fill the online DS-160 visa form. Some of the details that are required to be filled in this form include your personal credentials, your point of contact in the US, details about your previous travel to the US and others.

5. Schedule your visa interview

The last stage is the face to face interview in either the US consulate or the US embassy. Your process would remain incomplete if you don’t appear for the interview. Among the documents that need to be submitted are the scores of tests such as TOEFL, LSAT, GMAT and GRE and the financial proofs indicating that either you or your sponsor has enough funds to cover all your expenses in the US which would be incurred during the tenure of your stay.

Types of US study visa

1. F-1 Visa

The most well known US study visa is the F-1 visa. The F-1 visa would be needed if you wish to enroll in any academic course offered in the US by any government approved schools, a US university or any other approved English language program. If the course you have enrolled in has duration of over 18 hours a week, you would need the F-1 visa.

2. M-1 visa

If you wish to enroll in any vocational or a non academic training in the US, you would need to obtain the M-1 visa from the authorities.