Why UK

The choice of UK as one of the most favored immigration destinations among the Indians in not a new fact. A plethora of reasons contribute to the popularity of UK as a new home among the Indians. Home to some of the best universities in the entire world, one of the most robust economies in the world, presence of lakhs of Indians in the country, an extremely high standard of living are some of many reasons behind UK being a top choice for immigration among the Indian citizens. If you still need any more convincing about your decision to immigrate to the UK, here are some facts for you –

A host of work opportunities

Being one of the most developed nations on the face of this earth, the UK offers a huge variety of work opportunities to its immigrants. From the best paid jobs in the world to some of the most unique jobs in the world, the UK has all to offer to its people. If you have the talent, UK won’t disappoint you!

Second home to Indians

They say that you will find an Indian in the UK almost every 5 minutes on the road. With lakhs of Indians moving to the UK each year, you would never feel out of place in the country. From the Indian cuisine to Indian clothes and Indian newspapers, you can easily find it all in the UK. You will never feel far from your home if you are in the UK.

Top class education

There is hardly any other country in the world that can boast of so many educational institutes of global stature. Not only the higher education institutes, but the country also has some top class schools, ensuring that the children receive top class education right from the beginning. Hence, moving to the UK would not only be a great decision for you but also for your kids.

Great lifestyle

Being one of the most premier nations in the entire world, the UK offers a standard of living that not many nations can match. The public services and facilities provided by the UK government are second to none. This lifestyle is not just reserved for its citizens. The immigrants are also offered most of these services, ensuring that immigrants fall in love with the country at the blink of an eye.

Better paid jobs

The primary reason behind anyone looking for immigration to a new country is to find higher paying jobs. And the UK score extremely high in this aspect. Boasting for a robust economy, the UK offers a number of handsome paying jobs that can change your entire life path. Additionally, if you are a skilled worker, the opportunities for you in the country are endless. Get ready to see your account getting fatter once you start working in the UK! If you can’t wait to get your immigration process to UK started, get in touch with us now!

How to immigrate to UK

Though Indians regard UK as a natural immigration destination (since millions have moved there), the immigration process of UK isn’t very simple. It demands a lot from the interested applicants to be eligible for the UK visa. However, this has failed to hurt the popularity of the UK among the Indian immigration aspirants. Home to a plethora of top quality employment opportunities, the UK has for long been the top destination for Indians.

The immigrants coming to the UK are classified into 2 different categories, viz. Tier 1 and Tier 2.

The Tier 1 includes aspirants who are expected to provide support to the country’s economy and boost its global standing. Some of the professionals who are covered under the Tier 1 category include –

  • Top class professionals who are nominated by bodies such as the Arts Council England, the Royal Society, the British Academy and the Royal Academy of Engineering. An annual limit of 1,000 visas has been set for such individuals
  • Reputed Business owners who are chosen on the basis of point evaluation. Their profile is first evaluated for their financial background and their language proficiency. While these parameters are looked into for the first approval, the renewal is given in the basis of parameters such as the jobs created in the UK by his or business enterprise, the investment made in the real terms, his or her language proficiency, his or her involvement in the management of the business.
  • Investors who must obtain a minimum of 75 marks. He or she would be able to obtain the required points if he or she has the required investment ready for disposal
  • General class of people which include the people who are already in the UK since they have the residence permit of the UK
  • Self employed advocates or lawyers
  • Highly skilled migrants
  • Tier 1 (General)
  • Artists including talented writers or composers
  • If you came under the HSMP (High trained immigrant scheme) and are now eligible to make a switch to Tier 1 (General)
  • Graduate business owners – This category also has an annual limit of 1,000 visas. To apply for this visa, you must already be living in the UK and be identified by the education institutions in the UK as someone who has the potential of business innovation and who can take forward innovative ideas. In order to be eligible for this, the applicant needs to score a minimum of 95 marks in the assessment.

The Tier 2, on the other hand, includes workers under the following classes –

  • An Internationally acclaimed sportsperson or coach who has made certain unparalleled contribution to his or her sport
  • Ministers of priests of different religions or varied faiths
  • General applicants – the UK government sets an annual sealing for migrants with a salary of less than £150,000, while there is no such annual limit for those earning over this figure prescribed by the UK government.

UK Economy, Culture & Lifestyle

Since the times immemorial, the UK has been a world leader in a number of aspects. Even today, the country leads the world in a number of fields including education, culture, economy, standard of living and much more. With millions of people immigrating to the UK each year, there is a great desire to know more about the country that sets the world order. If you are also looking for such information, read on.

Economy of UK

One of the largest economies in not only Europe, but the entire world, the UK is a dream destination for anyone. More than 70% of the country’s GDP is made up of the service sector. The city of London is one of the financial capitals of the entire world with offices of some of the leading world institutions. London also enjoys the top position as far the city wise GDP in Europe is concerned. One of the other major contributors to the economy of the country is the tourism sector. The country has always been one of the most visited countries in the world with tourists coming in from all corners of the world. The other industries that are major contributors to the economy include the aerospace industry, the pharmaceutical industry, space research, agriculture and others.

Culture of UK

There is no other country in the world that has so much cultural heritage as the UK does. The once mighty British empire was home to a number of colonies including India, Africa, US, South Africa and others meaning that all these diverse cultures have found their roots in the UK’s history. Many in the world describe the UK as a ‘cultural superpower’. British literature has no comparisons in the world with its past being adorned by the likes of William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson and Christopher Marlowe. Other notable authors such as Roald Dahl and Agatha Christie have taken forward the rich literature culture of the UK. The UK has also been home to some of the biggest names in the world music including the Beatles, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Sir Arthur Sullivan, George Frideric Handel, Sir Elton John and Led Zeppelin.

Lifestyle in UK

The UK is well known for a fast paced lifestyle. But despite such fast paced life, the people in UK don’t fail to take out time for recreational activities, thus maintaining a perfect work life balance, leading to a successful life. Despite the long working hours, you would see people coming out to public places on the days of public holidays to have a good time with their fellow citizens. Also, with a host of recreational and entertainment opportunities on offer in the country, you would never be at loss of things to do in your free time. The working hours in the UK are usually from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. But this can vary based on the kind of job you are in and the agreement signed with your employer.

UK entrepreneur visa

The UK is one of the very few countries in the world that offer an entrepreneur program to the immigration aspirants. If you are looking to enter the UK with the help of this program, this information can be of great help to you.

In order to be eligible for the Tier 1 entrepreneur program offered by the UK government, you must score a minimum of 75 points for your funds. Here is the breakup of the points on offer which would give you a better understanding of how you can score those 75 precious points.

  • A maximum of 25 points will be awarded if you have at your disposal, currently, not less than £200,000
  • A maximum of 25 points would be awarded to you if the money you hold needs to be held in more than one or one regulated financial institute
  • A total of 25 points on offer if your money is disposable inside the UK
  • Your English proficiency would make up for a total of 10 points
  • Availability of funds for your maintenance would give you a maximum of 10 points

Funding can also be obtained by the third party ready to support you during your stay in the UK. Applying for this kind of visa requires a number of documents from your side. It is highly advised to take help of a professional while arranging these documents in order to ensure that they are foolproof without any mistake. Any error in the profile or the documents submitted can gravely hurt your chances of making it to the UK.

Once you are done with the approval of the application for Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, you need to get an entry clearance in order to secure your entry in the United Kingdom. Our team of experts is fully capable of guiding you through the entire process of Entry Clearance and ensuring that there are no hiccups in your path to the UK! It usually takes a period of three years for your initial entry clearance to be concluded.

If you already have a UK visa with and you are living in UK but have to change your visa type to Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, you can opt for our help and we would assist you in ensuring that your visa type transition is hassle free and fast.

In the view of fast increasing popularity of this entrepreneur visa, the government of UK has made certain alterations in the rules. Here are some of them –

  • You would have a quicker settlement process in the UK if you manage to produce not less than 10 jobs in the UK within the first three years of your operations
  • The holders of entrepreneur visa would be allowed to bring their business partners into the country on the condition that they have joint funds
  • The number of days permissible outside the country has been increased from 90 to 180 days in case of major investors.

New Exceptional Talent Program for UK

All the countries in the world keep their doors open to the exceptionally talented people, irrespective of their country of origin, and the UK is no different. Though there is no limit on the student visa set by the UK government, an annual limit of 1000 has been set for these kinds of visa. This scheme aims to attract people from across the world who have done exceptional work in the field of arts, science or humanities and wish to continue their work upon migrating to the UK.

In order to be considered under this scheme, the applicant’s work must be recognized internationally and he or she must have the potential to become a global leader in the years to come in the area of his or her expertise. There are certain perquisites which you need to fulfill in order to be eligible for this scheme. Here they are –

  • Your skill or work in your field must be endorsed by a recognized authority of that field
  • Your previous work need not be mandatorily in the English language. In fact, to migrate to the UK under this program, there are no English requirements for the applicant
  • The Government reserves the right to disapprove or void the application despite fulfilling all the said eligibility criteria
  • The applicant, in order to be inducted to the UK under this scheme, must be financially active and must not expect the government of the UK to bear his or her expenses of living in the UK
  • A minimum education qualification of intermediate level has been put forward by the UK government in order to the eligible under this scheme.
  • A residence permit of 3 years 4 months is granted to the applicant under this scheme if he or she fulfills all the requirements. Also, this period can be further extended by 2 years, provided that he or she fulfills all the requirements.
  • The applicant inducted under this scheme may qualify for the ILR post a period of 5 years
  • The applicant is also free to bring his or spouse and dependent children to the UK provided that he or she can support them financially from his or her own pocket.

If wish to apply for this visa, here are a few things that you need to keep in your mind –

  • It is a 2 stage process and you would first need to apply to the Home Officer to get endorsed as a leader of your chosen field.
  • You can apply for the visa once you get an endorsement from the Home Officer
  • Post getting the endorsement, the earliest that you can apply for this visa is 3 months in advance to the date you wish to arrive in the UK
  • It usually takes 3 weeks of time for the decision on your visa application to arrive.
  • There are separate fee charged for each of the 2 stages. The fee for the first stage is £ This endorsement fee is not refunded in case your visa application is rejected.

UK Tier 1 Investor Visa

In order to give a push to its national economy, the UK has opened up new options for the immigrants to come into the country. One of them is the UK investor visa. According to the recent changes brought in by the UK authorities, the holders of the Investor visa in the UK would be able to travel outside the country for much longer durations as compared earlier. These changes have been made to serve as benefits for the immigrants opting for this kind of visa. If you wish to apply for this kind of visa, here are a few things that you must keep in your mind –

  • You must hold a sum of not less than £1 million in any of the duly regulated financial institutions. This amount should be legally disposable in the United Kingdom.
  • This Investor visa doesn’t put any maintenance requirements on the applicant
  • Also, in a deviation from the usual visa rules, this visa doesn’t require any mandatory English proficiency
  • The general rules for the refusal of the visa by the authorities, as applicable to the other kinds of visa, are applicable to this Investor visa too
  • This visa is initially granted for a period of 3 years and 4 months and can be extended for a
  • period of 2 years on the condition that the applicant has fulfilled all the pre-requisites as stated by the authorities

The time period you would be required to spend in the UK before settling down in the country depends upon the amount of investment made by the applicant of the UK Tier 1 investor visa.

  • If you intend to invest a sum of £1 million, you would be allowed to settle in the United Kingdom post a period of 5 years
  • If your initial investment in the UK is of the order of 5 million pounds, you can settle in the United Kingdom after a period of 3 years
  • In order to have the freedom to settle in the United Kingdom post a period of 2 years, your initial investment must be a minimum of 10 million pounds

Additionally, one-fourth of your total investment can be comprised of the approved assets. In every 12 months or one year, you are allowed to be outside the United Kingdom for a maximum of 180 days. Until very recently, this limit was set at 90 days in a year. The applicant is also free to bring along his or her spouse and dependent children to the United Kingdom on this visa.

The following are some of the other eligibility clauses attached with the UK investor visa –

  1. The applicant must be over 18 years of age to be eligible for this visa
  2. The money that you wish to invest in the UK must belong to either you or your husband, wife or your unmarried partner
  3. You must have a functional bank account in the United Kingdom