Switzerland Study Visa

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when he or she thinks of Switzerland is a holiday or tourism. One of the most beautiful nations in the world, Switzerland is everyone’s ‘dream’ holiday destination for a variety of reasons. But hidden behind the beautiful landscape and sceneries in the country are many great higher education institutes that attract students from all parts of the globe throughout the year. If you are willing to enroll in any of these universities, the following information can be of great help to you.

If you wish to be admitted into a University in Switzerland, you must have a state recognized Swiss maturity certificate or some other foreign certificate which is recognized by the University as an equivalent. The right to admit the student lies completely with the respective University. The credibility of the certificate you hold is upon the sole discretion of the University where you are applying. Whether your certificates hold good for the course you are applying, depends upon the University involved.Hence, to be sure of your certificates, the applicants are advised to get in touch with the respective universities as soon as possible. If you possess a good knowledge of the instruction of medium of the selected University, you would have a good choice of making it through.

The private Universities in the country have their own set of eligibility criteria. Hence, to be sure about them, you must get in touch with them individually rather than going with the generic information. Your visa application for a student visa would only begin once you have a confirmed admission offer from a Swiss University. The first step would be to get in touch with the Swiss embassy and get all the details and formalities’ information required for your student visa. You must be ready to share the proof of your financials indicating that you have enough financial support to pay your fee in Switzerland and cover all the living expenses in the country.

Here is the list of documents and other details that you need to keep in mind for the upcoming process –

  • A valid passport of your permanent country is the first prerequisite for getting a visa
  • You would need to submit the proof of your admission confirmation in Switzerland
  • A proof of all your financial means to prove that you can support your study bills in Switzerland. These proof can be in the form of your Bank statement
  • You would also need to submit a statement regarding your address (where you intend to stay) in Switzerland.
  • Only once your financial means are found to be satisfactory by the authorities would you be issued the residence permit for Switzerland.

All these formalities take quite a bit of time. Hence, we suggest you to kick start the process as soon as you have the admission confirmation with you. You won’t want to miss out on the first day of your college, would you?