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The Government of Canada offers various kinds of student visas to the higher education aspirants from across the world. The kind of visa depends upon the type and duration of the course you wish to undertake in Canada. Once accepted by a higher education institute in the country, you must apply for the student visa at least 3 months prior to the date of orientation at the institute of your acceptance. The minimum age for obtaining the Canadan study visa is 16 years. Once you get the visa, you would be eligible to study and work in the country during the entire course and one month post the completion of your course.

There are broadly three kinds of student visas on offer, viz. for language courses, for the undergraduate courses and for professional courses. One of the prerequisites for getting the student visa includes the letter of acceptance into an accredited course by some Canadan University. The visa would be issued keeping in mind the beginning and concluding date of your course. Multiple professional, language and other courses can be combined on a single student visa.

How to apply?

The official cost for the Canadan study visa is 535 Canadan dollars.

Can you work with the student visa?

As per the provisions of the student visa, you are allowed to work part time for a maximum of 40 hours every 2 weeks simultaneously with the duration of your course. You can also work full time when you are on a course break. Part time jobs that you can undertake with your course are handsomely paid in Canada and can support your accommodation, transport, food and other expenses. Most the Universities make their schedules keeping in mind that the students would need to work part time.

In order to take up a job in Canada, you should get a Tax File Number. You would also be advised to get a Bank account in the country since it would be helpful for all other payment transactions that you carry out.

Here are a few other pointers about Student visa that might come in handy for you –

  • If you have already exceeded the age of 31, the student visa is the only visa which would allow you to work in Canada legally after gaining an easy entry
  • Even if you carry a high risk passport, you can enter and work in Canada on the basis of the student visa
  • There is no health insurance coverage in this kind of visa so you would need to get that separately
  • There are no age limits attached to the student visa and it can be obtained multiple times
  • Since Holiday visa is only applicable once in the lifetime, a student visa can be a good alternate to pursue a short term course in the country along with spending some quality time in Canada.

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