Services offered

We aim to be the first name that comes to anyone’s mind in India when he or she is looking for any sort or immigration services. In order to fulfill our aim, we have roped in some of the most experienced professionals from the immigration industry who boast of decades of experience in this field and are well versed with the minute details that usually miss the general eye. We believe in honesty and open communication with all our clients. We do not hold back any information from our clients and hope the same from the client’s end in order to fulfill our common goal.

We strive to build mutual trust with our clients through our staff even as we leave no stones unturned whatsoever to develop a robust & mutually satisfying relationship of common trust with our clients.

Through the entire process of immigration, right from the moment you get in touch with us to the moment you successful get what you were looking for, we maintain utmost transparency in the communication channel. We continuously strive to offer the best available permit solutions at every step in order to fulfill your immigration dream.

Have a brief look at the wide plethora of services we offer to our clients. Also, this isn’t an exhaustive level.

1. Pre-evaluation of your profile – Presenting a strong profile is the first step towards a successful immigration. Almost all the permit processes ask you to fulfill the given eligibility prerequisites including common parameters such as current age, a detailed record of your educational skills, your financial status and background, experience & related background facts/data. Our team of experts goes through each and every detail in your profile to search for any possible weak spots. This service is provided to the clients free of cost.

2. Consultation regarding the permits –Our team of highly experienced immigration experts interacts with the clients directly and pays heed to the specific requirements. There is no one size fits all approach in this stage.

3. Helping hand with the Documentation –One of the most common reasons for delay in visa or permit processing is submission of incomplete documents. We make sure that our clients do not make this mistake. We are right by your side right from the filling of the visa & immigration forms to including the mandatory supporting papers/documents.

4. Help with your Business Plan idea and presentation –If you are applying for a business or investor visa, the quality of your business plan would make all the difference. Having a good business plan can easily tilt the permit case in your favor when it is taken up for consideration by the authorities. Our highly experienced professionals are well versed with the business environment in the countries like US

UK, Canada, Australia and Denmark and would help you prepare the most effective business plan. Apart from this, some of our other services include assistance with your study visa, resume writing services and more. Contact us if you can’t find here what you are looking for.