Cancellation & refund Policy

The total consultation fee charged by the company to its clients would be excluding the prevalent including all, as decided by the Government from time to time. But in case of a refund, the company is not liable to refund the amount paid as tax.

If the visa or permit is disallowed by the concerned authorities, the company will return the amount mentioned in the agreement within a period of 2 months from the date of rejection of your application.To claim the refund, the client must present a duplicate copy of the rejection letter, failing which, the company isn’t liable to refund any amount to the client. The client would also need to submit a copy of the payment receipt that he received at the time of making the initial payment.

The company shall not refund any amount or be liable for any discrepancy caused by a third party like the Courier Services. In any scenario, the company isn’t liable to refund any amount or fee charged by the immigration authorities. The consultation fee charged by the company isn’t inclusive of the processing or other fee charged by the immigration authorities. All such additional fee is to be paid by the client in full.

If the client’s application is rejected by the immigration authorities or the High Commission or any such authority because of an error caused by the company, the client would be refunded the company’s consultation fee in full. But the company won’t refund any fee charged by the immigration authorities from the client. In case of online payment made by the client, the client agrees not to withdraw or cancel the transaction without the prior permission of the company. If the payment is made via Credit card or net banking, the client agrees not to ask his or her bank to withhold the same. Any excuses such as ‘loss of card’ won’t be considered to withdraw the online transaction made in favor of the company.

The service charges as levied by the company need not be equal to any of its competitors. The company decides the charges based on the level of service it offers rather than by any contemporary’s charges. Post the registration, the client has no right to challenge the consultation and service charges levied by the company. If the client fails to show adequate funds, as required by the immigration authorities for the permit approval, the company won’t be liable to provide any refund to the client. The funds to be shown may range from 1 to 10 lakhs and would be required for varying time periods.

The company isn’t liable to provide any refund if the application is rejected on the following grounds –

  • If the applicant fails to fulfill the prerequisites as determined by the consulate or embassy authorities
  • In case of forged documents or other details
  • If the applicant misses his or her visa interview
  • Any medical issues on the part of the client or any dependents
  • If the client fails to submit the required character certificate by the Police authorities
  • If the client doesn’t get the required score in IELTS or any other language test as needed
  • In case of infringement of any visa laws
  • If the applicant misses the deadline for the document submission

If the client chooses to discontinue his or her application or doesn’t make any communication within 3 months of the registration, the company won’t be liable to refund any amount whatsoever. It is the client’s responsibility to submit all the relevant facts, documents and papers to the company for complete assessment within 30 days so that they can be submitted to the authorities in the most presentable manner.

The transportation cost incurred during travel for the visa interview is to be handled by the client. The client agrees to follow all the instructions given by the immigration authorities, failing which, he or she loses the right to claim any refund from the company.

The company may call for additional documents from time to time to ensure that the client has the best possible chance of getting his or her permit. Any refund claimed for such reasons won’t be acceptable. If there is any change in the immigration rules by the authorities that make you ineligible for the permit after you have signed an agreement with the company and paid the consultation fee in full, the company would be liable to refund a part amount, the proportion of which would be as per the agreement signed initially. All such refunds shall be processed within a period of 60 working days. To claim such refunds, a copy of the payment receipt needs to be submitted by the client.

If you opted for the installation plan offered by the company and the immigration rules change midway between your processing, making you ineligible for the service you chose, the company won’t be liable to refund the amount already paid by you in the previous installments.

No refund will be given to any friend or relative of the client if he or she opts out of the application process for any reason post the sign up. If the client decides to change the service or country he applied for and file a new application, the company won’t be liable to refund any fee submitted for the process of the previous service.

The company can withdraw or terminate its services and discontinue the agreement without any refunds in the following cases –

  • If the client fails to submit the required documents within the stipulated time period
  • If the client fails to submit service agreement within 15 days of time company is not liable to refund any amount
  • If the client withdraws citing personal reasons
  • If the client brings dishonor to the name and reputation of the company
  • If the client fails to respond to the company’s calls and e-mails for 30 days
  • If the client or his or her dependent fails the medical tests taken by the authorities
  • If the client doesn’t submit a character certification from the Police which is less than 3 months old
  • If the client doesn’t have sufficient funds, as determined by the immigration authorities

The client agrees to let the company know about any change in his correspondence information such as the mailing address and the contact number, and other details of significance such as educational qualifications, matrimonial status, any criminal cases and others, failing which, the client loses all the rights to ask for a refund from the company.

The client agrees that a valid IELTS / French test score is obligatory to apply for the permit. No refund will be granted on the grounds that the client failed to appear in the IELTS / French test or couldn’t bring the required score. The condition for getting a valid IELTS / French test score applies to the dependent of the applicant as well.

The company does not provide any sort of assurance or work assistance to the client after the permit has been given and after the client has landed in the country of the permit. The client can’t ask for a refund on the grounds that he or she isn’t being able to find a job abroad. The company doesn’t offer any job guarantee and won’t be liable to refund any fee on these grounds.

Certain countries have an annual cap on the number of permits or visas issued. In such cases, it is possible that the applicant doesn’t get the required permit even after scoring the required number of points in the immigration process. Failing to get the permit or visa on such grounds doesn’t make the company liable to refund any fee to the client. The client agrees to have understood the same.

The company strives to take a number of stringent steps to ensure the privacy of the information furnished by the clients for use in the application process. The company may be required to disclose this information for the purpose of permit application. The company would use the information given by theclient for these purposes –

  • To communicate with the client in the most efficient manner
  • To conduct our business with utmost efficiency
  • In order to offer and better market our services
  • To fulfill all our legal obligations

If any fee quoted on the agreement doesn’t indicate the currency, it should be understood that it is in INR. The client agrees to pay all the fee and associated taxes using one of the payment methods accepted by the company.

We do not have any association with any government authority nor do we have any authority to issue any travel permit or visa to you. While we consult our clients who wish to apply for visas and permits of different kinds to different countries, the final decision on the grant of the visa or the permit doesn’t lie with us.

The company is registered at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and the laws framed by the Government of India and State Government of Andhra Pradesh will govern the interpretation of this Agreement. All the disputes emerging out of any discrepancy in the agreement would be settled in the courts of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh alone.