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Why Canada

Canada has always held a special place in the hearts of Indians. As one of the most favored immigration destinations for Indians, Canada has repaid India’s love by giving utmost respect to the Indians and giving them a special place in their society. In fact, Canada has also appointed a number of people of Indian origin to very high posts including the Cabinet ministers.

If you are still searching for reasons to immigrate to Canada, let us present a few for you right here –

  • Boasting of one of the most well formulated and positive policies when it comes to immigration, the Canadian government accepts as many as 200,000 immigrants each year from different parts of the world.
  • Canada is globally renowned as one of the best places to live in the world, financially and socially.
  • Canada offers free of cost education along with provisions for free of cost medicals, which ensures that the cost of living is very low
  • The country presents a host of opportunities in the sectors related to Information Technology, thus opening doors for the qualified Software professionals from India
  • Once you manage to obtain the permanent residency of Canada, you would only need to wait for three years to apply for the Canadian citizenship, thus removing the long wait
  • The Canadian government also offers the provision of dual citizenship (although India doesn’t allow the provision of dual citizenship to its citizens)
  • The Government of Canada offers a number of welfare benefits to its citizens and immigrants which include old age insurance, unemployment benefits, free education and free of cost medical facilities
  • It is extremely easy to start your own business in Canada. The government has minimal interference in private business enterprises in Canada
  • Since Canada has signed the NAFTA agreement, you would get easy access to Mexico and the US which would be a major boost to your career or business, whatever the case may be

Unemployment insurance

If a person has worked in Canada for at least 6 months before being laid off from the job, he or she would be entitled to 60% of his or her last drawn wages as part of the unemployment insurance given the central government.

Old age pension

All the residents of Canada are eligible for old age pension in the country. If you have stayed in the country for about 40 years, you would be entitled to receive the maximum pension on offer. For a lesser time period, your pension would be decided as a part of the duration of your stay in Canada.

Free education

Canada gives optimum importance to education. Education in the Canadian public schools is absolutely free with class 12th. This scheme covers all the residents in the country, which further brings down the cost of living in the country.

Health care

Having one of the most robust healthcare setups in the world, Canada is just the place where you wish to spend your life. If you are registered as a part of the National Health Insurance Program, you would be provided free of cost treatment in the hospitals.