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Why Australia

They say Australia is the new US. A robust economy, an extremely high standard of living, beautiful countryside and great social security add to its reputation of being of the best nations in the world. With so much at offer, it is natural that Australia has established itself as one of the most favored nations among the people who are looking to migrate in search for better work opportunities and a higher standard of living. Though there are endless reasons to choose Australia as the best country for immigration, let us try to point them out a few for you here.

1. Great standard of living

One of the biggest reasons why anyone decides to migrate to a new country is in search of a higher standard of living. And Australia scores extremely highly in this aspect. Lots of fresh air, serene beaches, low pollution levels and some breathtaking landscapes make Australia a heavenly place to reside. With a coastline measuring more than 36,000 kilometers, Australia also offers a number of exciting water sports, fishing and beach life. And if you are a nature lover, you can also visit any of the more than 500 national parks that the Australian government maintains with utmost care.

2. To give a boost to your career

Australia is one of the few major economies in the world that have remained unaffected by the huge recession that shocked the world a few years ago. Being close to Asia, Australian businesses have many opportunities to capture the large customer base of Asia and they aren’t letting it go. An extremely low unemployment rate and high acceptance of foreign skilled workers in the country make Australia an ideal destination for those looking to take a plunge in their career.

3. Quality Education

When it comes to the quality of higher education, Australia has all the bases covered. Lakhs of international students coming in to Australia speaks volumes about the standard of higher education in the country. At any point of time, close to 20% of the higher education students in the country are foreigners. At present, close to 400,000 International students are studying in various higher education institutes in the country.

4. Diversity and multiculturalism

One of the most diverse countries in the world, Australia is fast emerging as the melting pot of different cultures and societies. The migrants don’t find it hard to get a place to stay and merge in the local society. In fact, the country also celebrates Harmony Day on March 21, pledging to respect all the cultures from around the world. An extremely low crime rate also makes the county an ideal choice for all the immigrants and their countries.

Some of the other major reasons behind people’s preference for Australia as an immigration destination include Australia’s love for sports, a great climate and local hospitality. The locals are extremely warm and welcoming and make sure that you feel at home in no time. Australia truly is the land where dreams come true.