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Skilled worker program

If you are looking for permanent settlement in Quebec, the Skilled Worker Program offered by the province is an ideal opportunity for you. With the province running its immigration program separately from Canada, this program is completely managed by the Quebec provincial authorities.

This is especially suited for all the IT professionals who wish to make it big outside India. Unlike Canada, Information Technology presents a major opportunity for the immigrants in Quebec. One of the best things about the province is that any immigrant to Quebec gets an unhindered access to the local job market of the province. Additionally, there is no requirement of a separate work permit if you wish to be employed in Quebec. So this program serves dual purpose for you. Unlike the work visa offered by many other countries around the world, you need not have a confirmed job offer in your hands before landing in Quebec. You can start your job search after coming to the province. Also, you don’t require any sponsor employer in order to make it to the province. Factors like these make Quebec a highly attractive option for the immigrant aspirants.

You need to fulfill certain eligibility requirements in order to apply for the Skilled worker program offered by Quebec.

 You must intend to work and settle in Quebec

Apart from this, you should also be able to prove that you have the required skill set to add to the economy of the province in a meaningful manner.

Educational requirements

The authorities of Quebec are very particular about the educational qualifications of the immigrants coming through the Skilled workers program. You must possess at least a diploma in order to be eligible for this immigration scheme. This diploma must be equivalent to the Secondary School degree or degree of the Quebec Education system. Our experts will help you analyze your degrees and tell you whether they are in line with the requirements mentioned by the Quebec authorities. Your qualifications play a major role in determining the overall result of your immigration application.

Points earned on qualifications

A better academic qualification from a recognized institute would earn you more points in the overall process. Though unrelated qualifications do not fetch you any points usually, you can still ask for points if such qualifications were obtained about five years earlier than you applied for the program. Our experts would help you identify the areas where you can claim additional points and make your profile much stronger than other applicants.

Proficiency in French

With French being the only official language in Quebec, it is imperative that you develop proficiency in French before moving to Quebec. Your oral and written skills in French and English would fetch you points. Notably, there are no separate points for proficiency in reading and writing French. In this aspect also, you would be provided with focused guidance by our experts to ensure that you sail through the process with flying colors.