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Quebec PNP

Skilled worker program – Quebec

Skilled immigrants who have the potential to make an impact on the economy of Quebec and establish themselves as a PR in Canada are chosen under the Skilled workers program by the Quebec administration. For you to qualify for this program, you must score a minimum number of points as decided by the authorities. Currently, for a single applicant, this minimum threshold of marks has been kept at 59 points. Apart from this, the applicant must also pass the medical and other similar examinations conducted by the authorities before you are granted an immigration visa for permanent residency in Canada.

Self Employed Business Immigration in Quebec

If you are hopeful of settling in Quebec by establishing a business or enterprise of your own, this program is meant for you. There are certain eligibility criteria attached with this particular program.

  • You must find a job in Quebec on your own related to your field of work or expertise
  • Your net assets should not be less than 100,000 Canadian dollars. This amount should belong to
  • you or your spouse or your common law
  •  You must hold an experience of a minimum of 2 years as a self employed worker in the same field where you wish to find employment once you move to Quebec province.

Some of the factors that would determine the success of your application include –

  •  Your age and the age of your spouse, if you are married
  • The duration and the nature of the professional training you have had in the past in the field of
  • your work
  • Your proficiency in English and French
  • The knowledge you hold about Quebec and your other personal qualities and personality traits

Quebec Entrepreneurs Program

Aimed at attracting young entrepreneurs to the province, this program also comes with a host of eligibility conditions. Some of them are mentioned here for your reference –

  • The net value of your overall assets must not be less than 300,000 Canadian dollars
  • You must hold a minimum experience of a couple of years when it comes to running a business
  • You must be fully prepared to carry out your business project in Quebec. For this, you need to present a report of your business project and your plans of acquiring or setting up the businessin Quebec, as the case may be

Your profile for this program would be assessed on the following factors –

  • Your age at the time of application and the age of your spouse
  • Your proficiency in French and English
  • The nature and the duration of your training
  • The knowledge you hold about Quebec and your personality traits
  • Your overall ability and talent to set up and carry out a business in Quebec

Apart from these, various other factors are enlisted by the authorities from time to time. Our team of experts would keep you apprised about any changes that take place in such criteria and others.