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Permanent Residency in Australia

An Australian non-citizen who holds a permanent visa of Australia is termed as a Permanent Resident of the country. All the permanent residents of Australia are allowed to study, work and live in the country without any regulations. Although the PRs enjoy a number of rights which are available to the Australian citizens, there are certain points of differentiation between the two. Some of them are as follows –

  • While the citizens of Australia can go out and come back into the country at any point of time, the PRs have certain restrictions on their movements. If any PR wishes to go out of Australia, he or she must have a permanent visa along with a valid travel authorization. This is needed if they need to come back to Australia as a PR
  • While the citizens participate in the country’s government elections, the permanent residents do not have any such voting rights in the country.

Once you complete a certain time period in Australia as a PR, as bound by law, you can easily apply for the Australian citizenship. A permanent visa holder, even if he or she doesn’t apply for the Australian citizenship, is eligible to stay in the country indefinitely. There is also a provision for the revoking of the PR status. It can be done on the discretion for the concerned minister in certain scenarios, such as a criminal misconduct. Among the various rights that the PRs enjoy in Australia are health services and free or subsidized legal services.


Here are certain benefits which are given to all the permanent residents of Australia –


  • There are almost negligible restrictions on them in the areas of their employment. Only a certain section of jobs including high level government jobs require you to be Australian citizens
  • They can also act as sponsors for the permanent residency of their relatives, provided that their relatives fulfill the criteria needed for the permanent residency of the country
  • All their children taking birth in the country will be Australian citizens by birth
  • Once they complete a 2 year waiting period, the permanent residents would be eligible for all the social security and medical benefits provided to the citizens by the Federal government
  • The Australian permanent residents also hold the right to apply for the Australian consular assistance services
  • The Permanent Residents of Australia are free to travel to the neighboring country of New Zealand without having to apply for any separate visa for their travel
  • As a permanent citizen of Australia, you would also be allowed to live, work or study in New Zealand

One of the biggest benefits is that even after the expiry of the initial visa, you are eligible to stay in Australia for an indefinite duration without breaking immigration laws or rules.