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Other Australia Visas

With immigration to Australia gaining immense popularity, people are constantly searching for legal ways to move to the country and change their life for the better. The Government of Australia, on its part, has made provisions for a number of different visa kinds for the interested applicants. Here is a look at those types –

1. The permanent entry visa

Under this visa regime, the Australian government intakes people for permanent settlement under 2 different categories, viz. the humanitarian program and the migration program. Under the migrant program, the authorities select the people based on a number of factors including their proficiency in the English language, their overall health, their skills, their financial condition, the age, contacts in Australia. Factors such as culture, gender and the race of the person are not taken into consideration while selecting people for the migration entry into Australia.

These migrants fall under a couple of categories, viz. skilled migrants and business migrants. The skilled migrant scheme considers applicants under 5 categories, viz. independent skilled migrants, Australian linked skilled migrants, distinguished talent, employer nominated migrant in Australia and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. On the other hand, the business migrants are divided in different categories such as investment, business owner and business talent.

2. Work Visa

There are only a handful of conditions under which this visa is issued by the authorities. There are 2 broad categories –

a. Working Holiday Maker visa – If you are on a recreational trip to Australia and wish to take up some temporary work so that you can support your holidays’ expenses, this kind of visa is suited for you. But this visa is only issued to the citizens of a few countries, namely, Malta, South Korea, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom. For this visa, the applicant must be aged between 18 and 26 years.

b. Temporary resident visa with work rights – If you are looking to work in Australia for a maximum of 4 years, this visa would give you the opportunity. But this kind of visa is only applicable in the case of employer sponsorship.

3. Temporary entry Visa

The Australian authorities also issue a temporary entry visa to the people who wish to visit the country for a specific purpose and their visit is expected to be beneficial to the country in some way or the other. This kind of visa is usually issued to the people related to the field of international relations, social issues and skilled employment.

4. Visitor Visa

For any person (other than the citizen of New Zealand) willing to visit Australia, this visa is required. On this visa, the maximum duration of a single stay is 3 months. On this visa, you can enter Australia for 1 year counting from the date of the issue. Notably, you can’t work in Australia on the basis of this visa. A long term visitor visa is also offered to the interested applications and gives you a six month stay for a single visit.