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How to migrate to Hong Kong

Boasting of one of the best standards of living in the entire Asian continent, Hong Kong is always a top choice for people looking to immigrate to a better country. The Hong Kong administration, on its part, has provided a number of immigration opportunities to the aspirants from all over the world. All of them differ in eligibility and other aspects. The major sections of immigration process can be summed up as follows –

  1. IANG – Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates
  2. GEP – General Employment Program
  3. GPT (General Point Test) or ABP (Achievement Based Point test) based QMAS

The IANG program run by the authorities aims to lure foreign students into Hong Kong and offers them a chance to pursue graduation or higher graduation courses from the educational institutions in Hong Kong. Fresh NRGs are those who have filed their accomplishments not more than 6 months ago, while the returning NRGs are the ones who have file their accomplishments over 6 months back.

Though the returning NRGs require a job offer in hand, the same in not required in the case of a fresh NRG. The NRGs covered under both the cases are given one complete year of residence in their respective classes, on the condition that they fulfill all the other immigration required parameters.

The GEP program run by the authorities strives to intake labors from all parts of the world in order to make up for the lack of labor in Hong Kong locally. If you wish to apply under the GEP, here is what you must possess –

  • All the required academic qualifications and technical knowledge that the trade requires of you
  • An employment letter from your future employer in Hong Kong
  • The wages that your employer pays you must be in line with the prevailing wage levels for the kind of occupation you are opting, as compared to the local labor class

There is not a specific upper limit in the GEP or IANG program from the authorities’ side. Both of these schemes play a pivotal role in ensuring that Hong Kong retains its cosmopolitan image and remains a competitive city at the global stage. Some of the professions covered under these schemes include Culture, Sports, Arts, Commercial, Culinary skills and others.

With the QMAS scheme, the authorities strive to attract highly trained immigrants into Hong Kong. The authorities hope that such individuals would in turn give a major boost to the overall economy of Hong Kong. For this scheme, the authorities have set an annual upper limit of 1000. Some of prerequisites required to qualify under this scheme include a minimum age of 18 years, a minimum Band 6 in the IELTS, relevant academic qualifications and others. Scores are given based on a number of aspects including academic qualifications, family background, global recognition, innovative approach and employment exposure. A minimum score of 80 (out of 165) is required to be eligible for selection under the QMAS scheme.