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How to migrate to Australia

They call Australia the new US. And this isn’t without its reasons. An impressive pace of development and a high standard of living has made Australia a favorite destination among the people looking to migrate in search of better opportunities. If you are also looking for such an opportunity, let us tell you how to ensure an easy migration to Australia.

First the good news – The Government of Australia offers a number of permits which make it easy for the immigration aspirants to ease their way into the country. These include several permanent, provisional and temporary permits based on the requirements of the aspirants and the prevailing laws. All these permits and the processes associated with them are currently run by Skill Select which is an online portal handling the entire immigration process and the formalities. This online is the one stop platform used by the Australian government to overlook the kind of skills the migrants bring with themselves when they come to Australia.

Australia boasts of one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated immigration portals in the world and has ensured a single window clearance for most kinds of migration permits, thus making like easier for all those looking to come into the country. Before you make your profile on the Skill Select, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

  • Get a good understanding of the CSOL or SOL – This would help you in understanding exactly which line of work in Australia is closest to your current trade, thus increasing your overall chances of making it to Australia.
  • Assess your credentials – Once you have chosen the line of work which suits you best, the next step is to get all your professional and academic credentials evaluated and certified by a certified agency that can give you a fair idea about the strength of your profile and your chances of making it to the final list of accepted aspirants.
  • Make sure you get a hold of the language – It is imperative that you bring yourself in line with the prevailing Australian linguistic standards by appearing in an English language test such as IELTS.

Even if you make a single EOI, can you opt for multiple plans and all of them would be visible to the parties of your choice. The EOI can be edited anytime as per your need and stands valid for a period of a couple of years. Also, while filling in your information, make sure that all the information is true and authentic. If any of the details provided by you are found to be fraud in the coming times, it might have dire consequences including you getting banned from the country for a lifetime.

If you choose the point scheme, you would be allotted points based on your profile and other credentials and a rank would be given to you. Based on that rank, the invites would be sent to the interested immigrants.