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How to immigrate to UK

Though Indians regard UK as a natural immigration destination (since millions have moved there), the immigration process of UK isn’t very simple. It demands a lot from the interested applicants to be eligible for the UK visa. However, this has failed to hurt the popularity of the UK among the Indian immigration aspirants. Home to a plethora of top quality employment opportunities, the UK has for long been the top destination for Indians.

The immigrants coming to the UK are classified into 2 different categories, viz. Tier 1 and Tier 2.

The Tier 1 includes aspirants who are expected to provide support to the country’s economy and boost its global standing. Some of the professionals who are covered under the Tier 1 category include –

  • Top class professionals who are nominated by bodies such as the Arts Council England, the Royal Society, the British Academy and the Royal Academy of Engineering. An annual limit of 1,000 visas has been set for such individuals
  • Reputed Business owners who are chosen on the basis of point evaluation. Their profile is first evaluated for their financial background and their language proficiency. While these parameters are looked into for the first approval, the renewal is given in the basis of parameters such as the jobs created in the UK by his or business enterprise, the investment made in the real terms, his or her language proficiency, his or her involvement in the management of the business.
  • Investors who must obtain a minimum of 75 marks. He or she would be able to obtain the required points if he or she has the required investment ready for disposal
  • General class of people which include the people who are already in the UK since they have the residence permit of the UK
  • Self employed advocates or lawyers
  • Highly skilled migrants
  • Tier 1 (General)
  • Artists including talented writers or composers
  • If you came under the HSMP (High trained immigrant scheme) and are now eligible to make a switch to Tier 1 (General)
  • Graduate business owners – This category also has an annual limit of 1,000 visas. To apply for this visa, you must already be living in the UK and be identified by the education institutions in the UK as someone who has the potential of business innovation and who can take forward innovative ideas. In order to be eligible for this, the applicant needs to score a minimum of 95 marks in the assessment.

The Tier 2, on the other hand, includes workers under the following classes –

  • An Internationally acclaimed sportsperson or coach who has made certain unparalleled contribution to his or her sport
  • Ministers of priests of different religions or varied faiths
  • General applicants – the UK government sets an annual sealing for migrants with a salary of less than £150,000, while there is no such annual limit for those earning over this figure prescribed by the UK government.