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How to get through the Canada Express Entry

Ever since the Canadian express entry scheme became operational at the beginning of 2015, the immigration process to Canada has become highly organized. But with so many people applying in the scheme, it isn’t easy to get your name on the final list. But here are some points that can help you get your name to the list of accepted candidates.

1. Unless you give a language test, your chances would remain bleak

If you haven’t given the IELTS or the CELPIP, you are hurting of chances of making it to the final list. Before you appear for your first screening, you must have your language test scores handy. If not, you are not doing yourself any favors! Also, if you are thinking of writing the CELPIP exam, make sure that yours is the CELPIP – General 2014 since that is the most favored version by the express entry system.

2. LMIAs are the key to getting into Canada

In the past few years, it has been found that if you have a confirmed employment offer from the LMIA, your chances of getting a permanent residence status in Canada become extremely high. But even if you have such an offer, make sure that you apply under the Express Entry scheme.

3. Don’t blindly trust the Express Entry Wizard all the time

The express entry wizard or the portal has been found to be error prone in certain cases. A number of times, it showed the profile status as complete when it wasn’t so. Even if your profile shows complete, make sure you check all your entries multiple times and ask for help from the experts to make sure that your profile is complete in all sense. Any slip up at this stage can lead to a disappointing goof up later on.

4. Doing it all alone can lead to errors

Having an experienced person to proof read all the entries of your profile can be blissful. With so many entries and drop down menus on the express entry system, it is easy to neglect a few parts and think that your profile is complete. But a different and experienced set of eyes can resolve this problem and make sure that your profile is filled optimally.

Unlike the earlier processes where the authorities pointed out the errors in the profile and gave you time to correct and re-submit it, such provisions do not exist in the case of express entry. Even one single error can ruin your entire effort in the present express entry system. With so many candidates applying for limited number of entries, the last thing you would want is a few errors from your end that would give an upper hand to the other candidates and diminish your chances of being on the list.

The experts in our team can come to your rescue in these situations and ensure that all the details in your profile are well entered and there is absolutely no scope of any error.