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Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Hong Kong

The QMAS scheme has one simple objective – to draw highly skilled foreign individuals into Hong Kong and boost its economy. These immigrations are designed for the immigrant to either find a suitable job in Hong Kong or set up his or her own business enterprise. Once they are settled enough to support their family, such immigrants are also free to bring their spouse and children below 18 years to Hong Kong.

How to be eligible for the QMAS

Started in the year 2006, the QMAS has proved to be quite successful in attracting skilled individuals to Hong Kong over the past decade. Here are the conditions, fulfilling which, would make you eligible under the QMAS scheme –

  • At the time of filing of your QMAS application, you must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be financially stable and secured – enough to support you and any other dependent that you have brought to Hong Kong. This includes all the expenses that you would bear including accommodation, food and others.
  • If you possess any criminal record anywhere, or hold a negative immigration record to Hong Kong due to some previous instances, you aren’t eligible under this scheme. Holding a good character is imperative to enter Hong Kong under the QMAS. You would need to duly submit a clearance certificate issued by the police force of all the places where you have resided for a period longer than 1 year in the past decade failing which, your applications would be considered void.
  • Good proficiency in the Chinese or English language (both spoken and written) is a must to enter the QMAS scheme. To prove your English proficiency, you would need to apply with a minimum IELTS score of 6.
  • The scheme also demands you to hold an impressive educational record. A first class undergraduate degree from a recognized educational institute would hold you in a good place and give your profile a good boost in the QMAS scheme. If you possess higher education degrees with a good grade, if would give a major boost to your chances of making it to the final list of selected candidates.

Next up, you can either opt for a point based test or an achievement test. In the general points test, marks are awarded on the basis of age, educational qualifications, relevant work experience and the language proficiency. Younger candidates with a good experience and possessing high degrees such as PhD would certainly have a bright chance of making it through. The minimum marks to be obtained are 80 out of 165.

In the achievement based points system, the marks are awarded on the past record of the applicant. Such as if the candidate has a major achievement like an Olympic medal or has made an extremely significant contribution in his or her field in the past. Such additions in the profile certainly increase the chances of the applicants in the scheme of things.