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Denmark Green Card

Anyone who wishes to work in Denmark and settle down here can apply for the country’s Green Card. Once you apply for the Green Card, your profile would be evaluated by the authorities and your profile would through a point based assessment system. In order to qualify for the Green Card, you must obtain a minimum score of 100 in this assessment. Notably, obtaining a green card doesn’t make you eligible to run or establish your own business in the country.

The point based system for Green Card

The point based system followed by the authorities ranks the profile and awards points on the basis of multiple parameters including educational qualifications, language proficiency, work experience and others. If you also possess an educational qualification from any of the eligible Universities, you would be awarded bonus points by the authorities, thus strengthening your chances of making it to the final list. One of the other ways to secure bonus points in the Green Card point system is by highlighting your presence in any of the occupations mentioned in the Positive List of Denmark Immigration. If you manage to get the Danish Green Card, you can also bring your spouse and children of below 18 years of age to the country. The language proficiency of the candidate in tested in English, German or any of the Scandinavian languages which are spoken in Denmark.

While applying for the Danish Green Card, you must also highlight that you can capable of self financing your stay in the country and won’t be a burden on the Danish authorities. Also, till the time you are covered under the national health care network offered by the Danish government, you must have your own health covers in place.

Once you fulfill all the criteria, you would be awarded the Danish Green Card for an initial period of 2 years which can be extended for 3 more years before the expiry of the first couple of years. It is mandatory for you to apply for the card’s renewal before the expiry date of the Green Card. If you fail to do so, it may call for the cancellation of the work permit. The authorities do not have the obligation to send you any reminders about the date of expiry of your Green Card. Any slip up in this aspect would result in you having to leave the country.

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