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Denmark culture and lifestyle

‘Smooth and relaxing’ is how visitors like to define the nation of Denmark. As soon as you land in the country, you get a feeling that everything is nicely planned and is moving in a defined order. A host of old buildings, some breathtaking new architecture and many people on their bicycles are the most common sights in Denmark. Denmark’s architecture exemplifies a perfect amalgamation of the old order with the new emerging designs and thinking.

First things first – Living in Denmark may not be as cheap as some other countries such as Canada. However, if you can take up certain habits, you can ensure that you remain well within your monthly budget. Habits such as riding a bicycle to university (which is very common in Denmark) and restricting your outings can help you cut down on the living cost and sustain with lesser funds in your account. There is, of course, no upper limit to how much you can spend in Denmark since it offers you loads of recreational and other activities.

Riding a bicycle is an extremely common culture in Denmark, unlike in India where it is seen as a status symbol. There are a number of well made bicycles lanes and routes throughout the country, ensuring that the riding experience is harmless. In fact, a number of routes in many cities are designated exclusively for the bicycle riders. Take this fact – Over 33% of the population of Copenhagen (national capital) commute to work or school on bicycles – something which is unimaginable in a country like India. Planning a weekend outing on bicycles is also an extremely common culture in the country so don’t act surprised if someone asks you out on a weekend and asks you to bring your bicycle along to have fun!

Denmark is probably one of the most environment friendly nations in the world. The country has established itself as the world leader when it comes to the technology related to renewable energy and related aspects. The country’s waste management system and the wind turbine infrastructure are unparalleled even in the developed world. The capital city of Copenhagen is also known as the most bicycle friendly city in the entire world for adopting a habit that helps beat the traffic jams and keeps the environment clean at the same time.

Unlike some of the other European nations, the weather in Denmark is not harsh. There are no extreme winters or summers in the country, thus making life easy for the residents, students and the working population. The coldest month of the year is February when the temperature hovers around 0 degree C. Picnics and swimming are among the most common activities in the country.

A number of International surveys have named Denmark the happiest country in the world. It points to the high standard of living in the country which satisfies most of its residents. It is only once you land in the country that you get to know how true the results of these surveys actually are!