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Culture of Hong Kong

Known as the financial capital of the world, Hong Kong is home to some of the biggest names in the world of business. Hong Kong’s culture, understandably, has a strong Chinese and British influence. After it achieved sovereignty in the year 1997, Hong Kong emerged as the centre of finance in Asia. And close to a couple of decades down the line, Hong Kong is still going strong and climbing up the ladder to become the world’s top investment destination.

Hong Kong was under the British rule for close to 150 years which led to the present culture being heavily inspired by the British way of thinking and working. All aspects of Hong Kong including Law, education, food, politics and more have deep connections with Britain and China. Glimpses of China can be seen is every corner of Hong Kong and understandably so.

The most widely spoken language in Hong Kong is Cantonese. Though the government has also given English the status of the official language, it comes second best when it comes to the daily use with locals. Buddhism is a widely followed religion in Hong Kong since most of the locals have deep connections with mainland China. Chinese folk religion is also very common and is practiced by a large portion of the local population. Performing arts such as dance, drama and music are given special importance in Hong Kong by the locals. In fact, Asia’s first ever comedy club also belongs to Hong Kong.

A number of theater and arts festivals are organized in Hong Kong on a frequent basis. All of these are well attended by the locals. You can also find a number of museums in Hong Kong exhibiting artifacts about Hong Kong’s history and rich past. These places make for an extremely interesting visit and would bring you closer to Hong Kong and its indigenous people. Cantonese Opera is also very popular in the region with a number of theatres hosting varied performances all year long.

Food forms an inseparable part of the local culture in Hong Kong. Some of the must have dishes include Dim sums and noodles. You can find a restaurant for every budget in Hong Kong which means that everyone would get to eat something of his or her choice. Most of the cuisines on offer are influenced by the Western world; though many restaurants also serve cuisines in Hong Kong’s own style. One of the other must visit places in Hong Kong are Dai pai dong which are open air casual dining places for pocket friendly food. These are spread over Hong Kong and are usually attended by people who are looking for cheap food options.

Hong Kong is widely regarded as the world’s shopping mall due to the presence of an endless barrage of brands selling items of all sorts at all sorts of price ranges. From the cheapest goods with low tax duties to some of the most extravagant items, Hong Kong has it all on offer.