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Culture in Quebec

A Canadian province, having French as the only official language, Quebec represents an interesting case study in itself. It is, in fact, the only region in the North American continent that has a majority of French speaking population. Due to its history, Quebec has deep and historic links the other French territories and in Caribbean and other places across the world. Close to 95% of the residents of Quebec speak the French language, making it obligatory for any immigration to master the language before coming into the province.

Quebec has long been renowned as the melting point of varied global cultures. Many people also describe the province as the connection between North America and the European continent. The province boasts of the second largest folklore body in the country and many old tales are still prevalent throughout the country. Most of the famous tales were brought by the French travelers when they came here in the 17th and the 18th century. Most of native stories of the province are based on superstition and Christian dogma.

Some of the other aspects of the local culture include the comic stripes, Circus arts and Dance. The best known of the circus troupes in the country is the Cirque Du Soleil. Interestingly, it is one of the very few circus troupes in the world that do not make use of any animals in their acts. Their acts have earned them many International accolades as well.

Quebec falls in line with the European tradition of comics. Most of these are aimed at engaging the children and contain both, literature and graphic design. Though there are also certain novels which aim to influence the older audience. Classical dance is another famous form of art in the Quebec. Some of the most famous dance corps in Quebec includes Les Ballets Quebec and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. One of the first modern dance companies to come out of Quebec is Le Groupe de la Place Royale that was established in the year 1966.

Folk Music is an integral part of the local culture in Quebec. Apart from the traditional French songs, it also includes different forms of Celtic music, music from Ireland, reels and songs and other variations. Some world class classical music has emerged from Quebec over the past years. The concert halls in Quebec hold regular performances of local folk artist which are heavily attended by the locals and the visitors alike.

If you enjoy theater, there would be no dearth of entertainment for you in Quebec. A number of iconic plays which have origins in France, USA and the UK are hosted in the province throughout the year and are extremely popular among the local population. If you develop a taste for it, your time in Quebec would be all the more enjoyable!

Some of the other integral components of the local culture include visual art, sports, literature and humor programs. This gives you enough chances to explore Quebec, doesn’t it?