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Culture in New Zealand

Due to its relatively unexplored past, New Zealand boasts of a unique culture which hasn’t been contaminated much by the outer world. Most of traditions and customs in New Zealand have been taken from Britain and other western countries. Being an isolated nation in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand doesn’t have a long human settlement history but has turned itself into a developed education society in no time, with great emphasis to the environment.

English is the most prevalent local language in the country with most of the citizens using the Australian version and accent. It is slightly different from the English spoken in the US or in the UK due to the choice of certain words and their pronunciation. The locals give great importance to art. Both indigenous and western form of art are appreciated and followed in the country. The government provides generous funding to most of the institutes overlooking the work of art in the country. The museums, art galleries and other similar places are well funded and are usually crowded on all days, highlighting the locals’ appreciation for the art. Some of the most famous forms of art practiced in the country include carving, weaving, dance, drama, music and comedy.

The country also has its own national orchestra and a number of regional orchestras that clearly highlight the significance of the music in the country. The indigenous art form of Kapa haka is also extremely popular in the country. It is a cultural dance performed by the Maori people. The performances are attended in great numbers by the locals and visitors alike.

The tradition of working holidays is extremely common in New Zealand. The locals like to stay overseas for extended periods to gain what they call an ‘overseas experience’. The most commonly visited places by the locals include Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom. Newer destinations such as Japan and South Korea are also gradually gaining popularity among the locals.

Most locals in the country do not have positive thoughts when it comes to politics and politicians. Their dislike for the national politicians is very evident from their conversations. Even after years of history, the country doesn’t have an elaborate written constitution even today and recognizes Queen Elizabeth II as the queen of New Zealand. Despite the lack of trust that the locals have in their political machinery, the country has continuously been ranked as one of the least corrupt nations in the world. Though there is no provision of compulsory voting in the country, New Zealand witnesses one of the highest voter turnouts in the entire world. This highlights people’s trust in democracy and the kind of importance they attach to the entire voting process.

Like most of the developed nations, New Zealanders give utmost importance to the conservation of their environment. It is evident in the way they lead their life. The better you adjust yourself to this lifestyle, the easier it will be for you to lead a successful life in New Zealand.