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Canada Provincial Nominee Program

The CIC (Canada Immigration and Citizenship) has come up with the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) with an aim of fulfilling the required numbers of labor force in the different provinces in the country. The idea behind the program is that getting more skilled people in different provinces in the country would boost their individual economy and in turn help the entire country.

If you are looking to get permanent residency of Canada, the PNP program could be of your interest. Under the PNP scheme, different kinds of immigration, including employment based and investment based immigrations are permitted by the Canadian government.

Specific quota for the provinces

Apart from the province of Quebec, all the other Canadian provinces have a specific annual quota for migrating skilled workers through the PNP program. You can choose the province of your choice based on the market of that province, your skills and the kind of opportunities that the province offers to the immigrants. All this information would be provided to you by our experienced team members which would help you in making an informed decision.

There is no provision for changing your nomination at a later date which makes its extremely critical that you make the correct choice at the very first instance. Once the nomination is successfully filed, you would need to take care of the other formalities including the security and background checks, securing all the required documents, getting all the required medical documents and others.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program for Businessmen

This province run scheme is handled in coordination with the CIC and the Canadian federal government. The SINP is one of the fastest ways to enter Canada legally. If you qualify on the basis of the eligibility criteria set by the province, the province could nominate you for the permanent residency, thus easing your path of entry into Canada.

One of the most important steps of securing permanent residency through the SINP is proving your financial profile to the authorities. Based on the different evaluation criteria set by the concerned authorities, your financial robustness would be checked at different levels.

If all goes well at this stage, you would be invited for an interview which would help them evaluate your profile better and make the final decision. Your performance during the interview plays a great role in determining the success of your application. This is why our experts make sure that you are well trained for the interview and understand the kind of questions that would be asked in the stage.

Once you get an approval here, you would be required to make a deposit of CAD 75,000 and make a business deal while considering all the possible situations.

Likewise, there are different procedures and rules for PNPs of different Canadian provinces. It is imperative to understand the entire process and check your eligibility before choosing the province. Our team of experts would guide you in collecting all this information and lots more to ensure you are on the correct path.