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Business Visa Canada

Definition of a business visitor to Canada –

1. If you wish to visit Canada to expand or grow your already existing business

2. If you wish to visit Canada to find and understand investment opportunities

3. If you wish to visit Canada to take further your already existing business relationships

If you qualify as a business visitor to Canada, you would need to get either a visa for Canada or an eTA. In order to obtain the eTA, here is what you need to do –

1. Rather than waiting for the last moment to get your eTA, you must get it as soon as you plan your trip to the country

2. Carry the passport with which your eTA is attached (this point is only valid for multiple visa holders)

To obtain a visitor visa from the Canadian authorities, here are the documents that you need to send –

1. An invitation letter from your potential or existing business partner in Canada

2. Contact details for that person that should be available 24 hours.

Apart from these, here is what you need do show as a business visitor to Canada –

  • You need to show that your stay in Canada won’t exceed a period of six months
  • You need to prove that you don’t have any plans to explore the local labor market of Canada
  • You must also highlight what are the major sources of your income outside Canada
  • All the documents that support your visa application
  • You must also prove that you meet all the other basic requirements including enough financial resources to sustain your stay and travel expenses to and fro, you have no criminal record and you hold no health or security risk to the citizens of Canada and that you have all the required valid travel documents

The following activities are covered under the definition of cross border business –

  • If you plan to buy any goods or services from Canada for use by a foreign government or business
  • If you take orders for Canadian goods and services
  • If you are attending different conventions, conferences, trade fairs and other business oriented meetings
  • If you provide after sales service as a manager
  • If you are currently being trained by a parent company which is based in Canada to work from outside Canada once your training in the country is complete
  • If you are training the employees working in Canada situated branch of an outside company
  • If you are undergoing any training by the Canada based company that has, in the past, sold some service or equipment to your company

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