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B2 Visa

The B-2 visa is better known as the visitor visa to the US. It is needed for visits meant for pleasure, tourism, medical, meeting family, attending family or other events. Some of the other people that can qualify under this kind of visa include entertainers, amateur athletes and students who wish to pursue a short term course. Only the entertainers and athletes who won’t receive any remuneration for their acts would be eligible for such a visa. For the students to be eligible under this condition, the duration of the course they opt for must not be over 18 hours a week.

Tenure of B-2 visa

The tenure for these visas is from one to ten years. One of the biggest advantages attached with the B-2 is that it is a multiple entry visa and does not require you to contact the consulate each time you visit the US. Your period of stay would be fixed at the port of your entry by the immigration authority Border Patrol. In most cases, a single visit can’t exceed 6 months. In certain cases, an extension of 6 months is granted. Your single stay can’t exceed one year in case of a B-2 visa

Please note that the B-2 visa doesn’t have a corresponding dependent visa category and all the dependents who accompany the Visa holder must get their own visa issued from the authorities.

How to apply

The process of application and the steps involved for getting the B-2 remain the same as with the B-1 visa. Our team provides you assistance with scrutinizing the profile, filling up of the application form and interview preparations.

What to keep in mind while applying for the B-2 visa

  • Under no circumstances should you furnish fake documents or false information. If detected, fake documents would result in a permanent ineligibility for the US visa.
  • The authorities always prefer to go through your original documents rather than photocopies. Also, avoid faxing the documents to the consulate and rather bring them in person. The following documents must be kept handy while the visiting the consulate.
  • An updated income proof, current proofs of all the taxes, proof of the ownership of all your property and other assets
  • The detailed itinerary of your travel. You must also be ready with the explanation about your trip and justification for visiting the places you wish to visit
  • A letter of authorization from your employer which must include your designation, your experience in the organization, the purpose of your trip, in case of a business trip
  • Record of any criminal court orders issued involving you. These need to be presented even if your jail term is over or if you were pardoned
  • Pay slips of the last 3 months in case you are a working professional
  • All the education transcripts in case you are a student
  • If you are going to visit a relative, you would need to submit the proof of status of the relative, for example green card, valid visa, etc.