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Australia Skill Select

The Skill Select online portal is the only legal way for a skilled person to enter Australia. With so such significance attached to it, it is natural for the migration aspirants to be nervous about the entire system and look for more information about it. To make sure you have all the information needed, let us try to explain everything about Skill Select that you need to know.
If you are looking for a sponsorship permit to migrate to Australia, it is imperative that you present your profile in the best possible manner for all the interested sponsors. The way you make your profile can be the difference between acceptance and rejection. If an Australian employer is intrigued by your profile and is impressed by your skill set, he or she may just end up sponsoring your permit and you would make it to Australia in no time. Once you get an invitation, you should respond as quickly as possible. The validity of an invitation is only for 60 days. Post the approval, you must submit the petition to DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection). Once you submit the EOI, a time period of 2 years is gives for the selection of profile, failing which, the petition is discarded and is treated as void. Also, the submission of the profile is possible even if you have no points to show for IELTS, provided that you have secured a minimum of 60 points.
While applying for the EOI, you are also free to apply for the state sponsorship. If your state sponsorship falls into place, the EOI will get updated automatically. Also, for the 2 years that your EOI remains valid, you can make any changes in it, including the subcategory of your visa. Also, if you gain a new skill or certificate during the two years that EOI is valid, you must update this on your profile since it would increase your chances of getting an invite.

Language / IELTS issue

It is imperative that your IELTS score is valid at the time you receive the invite. To avoid any mismatch, it is strongly advised that you must fill in you EOI as soon as you land up with a good IELTS score in your hand. Since both; the EOI and the scores obtained in IELTS hold good for a period of two years, it would be a perfect scenario for you if you make your profile soon after you get the IELTS scores.

Selection system

People often wonder about the exact manner of the profile selection. It is strictly points based ranking which keeps on fluctuating as the profiles are updated time to time. Also, since some employers are looking for a specific skill set, they may ignore the points and sponsor the candidate of their choice anyway. But even if you have a great skill set, you must garner at least 60-65 points in order to be eligible for the invite.