Migrate To Quebec

Why Quebec

One of the most beautiful and prosperous provinces of Canada, Quebec is an amazing place to live your life. With French being the only official language of the province, its culture is distinct from the rest of the Canada in a number of ways.

Culture in Quebec

A Canadian province, having French as the only official language, Quebec represents an interesting case study in itself. It is, in fact, the only region in the North American continent that has a majority of French speaking population.

Skilled worker program

If you are looking for permanent settlement in Quebec, the Skilled Worker Program offered by the province is an ideal opportunity for you. With the province running its immigration program separately from Canada.

Quebec PNP

Skilled immigrants who have the potential to make an impact on the economy of Quebec and establish themselves as a PR in Canada are chosen under the Skilled workers program by the Quebec administration.

Quebec Immigrant Investor program

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is yet another legal way for the immigrants to enter Quebec. You can also migrate to Canada under this scheme and can avail the benefits available to the PR visa holders of Canada.