Study Visa Hong Kong

Apart from the innumerable employment opportunities that Hong Kong offers to its citizens and the immigrants alike, it also offers a number of higher education opportunities to the students from around the world. Applying for a student visa to Hong Kong isn’t a very complex process. If you are looking for a way to get your student visa, let us help you understand the entire process.

1. You would need a local sponsor to begin with

A local sponsor, that can also be the education institute that has granted you the admission, is the first requirement for getting a student visa to Hong Kong. Your sponsor must be a resident of Hong Kong and over 18 years of age and should be financially capable enough to support you. He or she must be ready to sign the ‘Declaration by Financial Sponsor’ in order to kick start your application process. The guardian of the applicant needs to authorize the sponsor of the applicant to serve as his or her guardian during his or her stay in Hong Kong.

2. Complete the forms

Form IDs 995A and 995B are needed to be filled by the applicant and his or her sponsor respectively in order to process with the application. Both of these forms are available online on the website of the Hong Kong authorities. If unable to get the form online, it can also be collected from the immigration department headquarters, immigration branch office of the Hong Kong economic and Trade Office in Guangdong. The second page of the form needs a recent photograph of the applicant.

3. Get your documents in line

You would need to submit the following documents along with your application form –

  • Awards, certificates and the transcripts of all your educational qualifications
  • A duplicate copy of the admission letter certifying that you have been granted admission to study in a University in Hong Kong, mentioning the name of your course and its duration
  • Duplicate copies of all the travel documents of the applicant including the personal credentials and the details of any visa currently held by the applicant
  • A recent passport sized photograph
  • A proof of your financial status, the scholarship funds and your updated bank statements. You would also need to submit a proof of 120,000 Hong Kong dollars or in equivalent currency to prove your financial stability.

4. Submission of the visa fee and other student visa requirements

The fee of the visa would needs to be submitted at the Chinese embassy or Consulate. Also, a copy of documents would also need to be sent to the Centre of Development and Resources for Students.

5. Attach the label after the visa confirmation

Once you get the visa confirmation, you can stick the student visa label to the passport. The next step is to land in Hong Kong and begin a dream career in a dream world!