Denmark Study Visa

One of the most sought after countries in the European Union, Denmark is home to a number of top class higher education institutes which attract students from all parts of the world on a regular basis. Any student coming from outside the European Union would need a Danish residence permit in order to study in Denmark. To secure a residence permit, you need to fulfill certain criteria which are given below

  • You must be accepted by an institute of higher education in the country which is duly recognized and approved by the national government
  • During your stay, you must either complete the course offered by the Danish higher education institute or complete a course that you began in your own country
  • You must possess the financial means to support your stay in Denmark. If you are supposed to pay the tuition fee at the institute of your choice, you must give it in writing that you have paid the fee which needs to be submitted. Any false claims made by the applicant in this regard would result in cancellation of the application and banning of the applicant from the country for an entire lifetime. A minimum monthly sum of 1,000 US dollars is required in order to sustain yourself in Denmark.
  • You must understand the local language and be proficient enough to follow the instructions given either in English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or German.

How to apply for the Danish student visa

  • The initiation of the form needs to be done by the representative of the education institute that is inducting you. He or she needs to fill up the second section of the form and send the same to you.
  • After you receive the form, you need to completely fill the first section and submit it with all the required documents to the concerned authorities.
  • Next up is the submission stage. You need to submit this form at your nearest Danish embassy or consulate situated in your own country. From here, the application will be send to the Danish immigration services for further processing
  • While applying, kindly make sure that you have submitted a clear photograph and non ambiguous digital signatures and fingerprints to ensure that there aren’t any discrepancies during the processing stage.
  • If you are currently living in another country for at least 3 months, you can also submit your application at the Danish embassy or consulate in that very country.

Family members

If you are a family member of the study permit applicant and wish to accompany him or her, you would need to submit your own application individually. A separate application for every child below the age of 18 years also needs to be submitted if they wish to accompany the applicant to Denmark. MF1 and MF2 forms are meant for the family members willing to accompany the applicant to the country. These forms can be easily downloaded from the authority’s website.