Why Hong Kong

There aren’t many better success stories on the world stage than Hong Kong. As a special administrative region of the Republic of China, Hong Kong has made remarkable progress in almost all spheres of the economy. The robust and brimming economy has influenced the people the world over, resulting into a beeline of the people looking to migrate to Hong Kong to explore better opportunities and live the high quality life that Hong Kong has to offer to each and everyone. If you wish to immigrate to Hong Kong, here is a list of booming sectors for you to plan your travel accordingly.

  • Banking

Most of the non citizens living in Hong Kong are engaged in the Banking services in one form or the other. Despite having a number of International brands, Hong Kong remained unaffected by the global financial crises and looks forward to a robust economy, in which its banks play a huge role.

  • English Teaching

With innumerable multinational organizations coming into Hong Kong, the demand for English language tutors in Hong Kong has sky-rocketed in the past decade or so. Strong English teachers have an excellent career in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong is the melting pot of cultures and brands from all around the world, the demand for English language and its tutors here is much more than in entire Asia. If you are English teacher, there is a never ending scope for you here in Hong Kong.

  • Hospitality Industry

Some of the most luxurious and sophisticated hotels of the entire world are situated in Hong Kong. With travelers and guests from all around the world checking into these hotels every single day, they need well qualified and experienced staff that can handle the pressure and hold their own. If you hold International experience in the hotel industry or you are a chef with experience in different International cuisines, Hong Kong may well turn out to be just the chance you want in your career.

Why to immigrate to Hong Kong

There is a very small chance that you actually need more reasons to migrate to Hong Kong. However, if you are, here is a list for you –

  • Hong Kong has one of the most liberal and free economies in the entire world. Also, the absence of any inheritance tax in Hong Kong make a highly popular immigration destination for people from across the world
  • The residency of Hong Kong is extremely easy to secure and doesn’t require much efforts on your part
  • The Government system of Hong Kong is democracy which instills faith and confidence among the people living there.
  • Surprisingly, for all the flashy lifestyle Hong Kong offers, its cost of living is comparatively much lower than a number of other countries, making it an ideal destination for the immigration seekers.
  • The Government also provides a provision of free of cost education to the children of all the migrants. A free education for 9 years is offered to the kids of the migrants.


How to migrate to Hong Kong

Boasting of one of the best standards of living in the entire Asian continent, Hong Kong is always a top choice for people looking to immigrate to a better country. The Hong Kong administration, on its part, has provided a number of immigration opportunities to the aspirants from all over the world. All of them differ in eligibility and other aspects. The major sections of immigration process can be summed up as follows –

  1. IANG – Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates
  2. GEP – General Employment Program
  3. GPT (General Point Test) or ABP (Achievement Based Point test) based QMAS

The IANG program run by the authorities aims to lure foreign students into Hong Kong and offers them a chance to pursue graduation or higher graduation courses from the educational institutions in Hong Kong. Fresh NRGs are those who have filed their accomplishments not more than 6 months ago, while the returning NRGs are the ones who have file their accomplishments over 6 months back.

Though the returning NRGs require a job offer in hand, the same in not required in the case of a fresh NRG. The NRGs covered under both the cases are given one complete year of residence in their respective classes, on the condition that they fulfill all the other immigration required parameters.

The GEP program run by the authorities strives to intake labors from all parts of the world in order to make up for the lack of labor in Hong Kong locally. If you wish to apply under the GEP, here is what you must possess –

  • All the required academic qualifications and technical knowledge that the trade requires of you
  • An employment letter from your future employer in Hong Kong
  • The wages that your employer pays you must be in line with the prevailing wage levels for the kind of occupation you are opting, as compared to the local labor class

There is not a specific upper limit in the GEP or IANG program from the authorities’ side. Both of these schemes play a pivotal role in ensuring that Hong Kong retains its cosmopolitan image and remains a competitive city at the global stage. Some of the professions covered under these schemes include Culture, Sports, Arts, Commercial, Culinary skills and others.

With the QMAS scheme, the authorities strive to attract highly trained immigrants into Hong Kong. The authorities hope that such individuals would in turn give a major boost to the overall economy of Hong Kong. For this scheme, the authorities have set an annual upper limit of 1000. Some of prerequisites required to qualify under this scheme include a minimum age of 18 years, a minimum Band 6 in the IELTS, relevant academic qualifications and others. Scores are given based on a number of aspects including academic qualifications, family background, global recognition, innovative approach and employment exposure. A minimum score of 80 (out of 165) is required to be eligible for selection under the QMAS scheme.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Hong Kong

The QMAS scheme has one simple objective – to draw highly skilled foreign individuals into Hong Kong and boost its economy. These immigrations are designed for the immigrant to either find a suitable job in Hong Kong or set up his or her own business enterprise. Once they are settled enough to support their family, such immigrants are also free to bring their spouse and children below 18 years to Hong Kong.

How to be eligible for the QMAS

Started in the year 2006, the QMAS has proved to be quite successful in attracting skilled individuals to Hong Kong over the past decade. Here are the conditions, fulfilling which, would make you eligible under the QMAS scheme –

  • At the time of filing of your QMAS application, you must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be financially stable and secured – enough to support you and any other dependent that you have brought to Hong Kong. This includes all the expenses that you would bear including accommodation, food and others.
  • If you possess any criminal record anywhere, or hold a negative immigration record to Hong Kong due to some previous instances, you aren’t eligible under this scheme. Holding a good character is imperative to enter Hong Kong under the QMAS. You would need to duly submit a clearance certificate issued by the police force of all the places where you have resided for a period longer than 1 year in the past decade failing which, your applications would be considered void.
  • Good proficiency in the Chinese or English language (both spoken and written) is a must to enter the QMAS scheme. To prove your English proficiency, you would need to apply with a minimum IELTS score of 6.
  • The scheme also demands you to hold an impressive educational record. A first class undergraduate degree from a recognized educational institute would hold you in a good place and give your profile a good boost in the QMAS scheme. If you possess higher education degrees with a good grade, if would give a major boost to your chances of making it to the final list of selected candidates.

Next up, you can either opt for a point based test or an achievement test. In the general points test, marks are awarded on the basis of age, educational qualifications, relevant work experience and the language proficiency. Younger candidates with a good experience and possessing high degrees such as PhD would certainly have a bright chance of making it through. The minimum marks to be obtained are 80 out of 165.

In the achievement based points system, the marks are awarded on the past record of the applicant. Such as if the candidate has a major achievement like an Olympic medal or has made an extremely significant contribution in his or her field in the past. Such additions in the profile certainly increase the chances of the applicants in the scheme of things.

Culture of Hong Kong

Known as the financial capital of the world, Hong Kong is home to some of the biggest names in the world of business. Hong Kong’s culture, understandably, has a strong Chinese and British influence. After it achieved sovereignty in the year 1997, Hong Kong emerged as the centre of finance in Asia. And close to a couple of decades down the line, Hong Kong is still going strong and climbing up the ladder to become the world’s top investment destination.

Hong Kong was under the British rule for close to 150 years which led to the present culture being heavily inspired by the British way of thinking and working. All aspects of Hong Kong including Law, education, food, politics and more have deep connections with Britain and China. Glimpses of China can be seen is every corner of Hong Kong and understandably so.

The most widely spoken language in Hong Kong is Cantonese. Though the government has also given English the status of the official language, it comes second best when it comes to the daily use with locals. Buddhism is a widely followed religion in Hong Kong since most of the locals have deep connections with mainland China. Chinese folk religion is also very common and is practiced by a large portion of the local population. Performing arts such as dance, drama and music are given special importance in Hong Kong by the locals. In fact, Asia’s first ever comedy club also belongs to Hong Kong.

A number of theater and arts festivals are organized in Hong Kong on a frequent basis. All of these are well attended by the locals. You can also find a number of museums in Hong Kong exhibiting artifacts about Hong Kong’s history and rich past. These places make for an extremely interesting visit and would bring you closer to Hong Kong and its indigenous people. Cantonese Opera is also very popular in the region with a number of theatres hosting varied performances all year long.

Food forms an inseparable part of the local culture in Hong Kong. Some of the must have dishes include Dim sums and noodles. You can find a restaurant for every budget in Hong Kong which means that everyone would get to eat something of his or her choice. Most of the cuisines on offer are influenced by the Western world; though many restaurants also serve cuisines in Hong Kong’s own style. One of the other must visit places in Hong Kong are Dai pai dong which are open air casual dining places for pocket friendly food. These are spread over Hong Kong and are usually attended by people who are looking for cheap food options.

Hong Kong is widely regarded as the world’s shopping mall due to the presence of an endless barrage of brands selling items of all sorts at all sorts of price ranges. From the cheapest goods with low tax duties to some of the most extravagant items, Hong Kong has it all on offer.